Truck owners often use their vehicles at a much larger capacity, running much more on or off road as compared to typical car owners driving regular cars. Accessories play a very important role in enhancing the performance and usability of the truck. Essentially an off market default vehicle part, an accessory is an additional installation for enhancing the style and functionality of the factory made vehicle. Truck stuff, commonly referred to as core parts or hard parts is very different from regular vehicle parts. Some core parts worth mentioning are water pumps, radiators, distributors etc. Considering the light duty trucks, some hard parts commonly used are truck caps, flat covers, bed protectors and extenders, racks, towing equipment etc.

It is recommended that while buying new parts from dealers, it is wise to look for accessory packages. Since aftermarket parts are not covered by financing, it is better to club the cost while getting the finance for the vehicle. Though there may be a wide range of truck accessory owners may use, with respect to functionality, value addition and convenience, the following hard parts are worth mentioning:

  • Truck Cap: Caps are installed when extra cargo room is required. Constructed from either aluminium or fibreglass, this compartment is lockable and protects goods from the natural element exposure.
  • Flat Cover: Flat covers are used when the cargo carried fits into the existing bed space of the truck. Only if the height of the cargo is way up, a flat cover is replaced by a truck cap.
  • Bed Protector: This truck stuff is required for weather protection, increased security for the hauled cargo, thereby decreasing the loss of items while driving.
  • Truck Racks: Available for both sport and commercial applications, racks can be mounted to trucks and also a range of other vehicles. They are made from either steel or aluminium and are commonly used to carry or haul items.
  • Towing Equipment: Required for trailer or boat carriage or towing. Equipment needs to have proper specifications and safety ratings.