No matter if you love your job or not, you probably have these days when you wonder what it would be like to do something completely different for a living. Thankfully, simulators let you give new careers a shot without quitting your current post. IndieGames compiled the best simulators of real professions.

PC Building Simulator

Building a PC with your own hands may sound like a tedious activity, but with this game, it’s exactly the opposite. The developers are in a partnership with all major manufacturers of computer hardware so that you could operate models of real components. Thanks to this, the game is both engaging and educational. It will help you to pick up essential skills of system-block assembling in multiple variations of CPU, video cards, motherboards, cooling systems, lighting, bodies, etc. This knowledge may come in handy for your personal needs, and to apply for a post of a real PC assembler.

Youtubers Life

There isn’t a word ‘simulator’ in the title Youtubers Life and looks slightly cartoony. On the other hand, it’s a softcore The Sims-style simulation of an average YouTuber’s life. You can create your funny virtual version, learn how to act in front of a camera, and create a promotion strategy. The last purpose hardly depends on your communication and collaborations. For the first time, your mom will blame you for bad marks, but soon your blog income will let you rent an apartment and manage your time in a free manner. The way to the top is quite long, but the leveling-up system is highly addictive.

Car Mechanic Simulator

Similarly to PC Building Simulator, CMS offers you to experience the engineering process. Here you work as an American repairing enthusiast, who decides to open a workshop for a full refurbishment of legendary vehicles from the scrapyard. You have to do the cycle of removing worn-out components, purchasing the most suitable new ones, and installing them in the correct order using realistic tools. Next, you have to test your creations on a track to calibrate each unit and prepare the car for the world auction. All the money raised will go on stuff for a new vehicle. The entire gameplay is from the first-person perspective so that you could be as close to mechanisms as possible. At IndieGames.Download, we love CMS for ultimate realism, engineering credibility, and a huge park of licensed vehicles.

Be Creative

No matter how simple these jobs may look like on the screen, in real life, they may appear much more challenging. Everything requires real practice that takes considerable amounts of time for tangible progress.