Types of Automation Testing


The term automation testing generally used interesting software. The mechanization testing is used to check to make a contrast of real results with its foreseen result. In simple words, you can understand the automation testing is an act of a specific test that is done automatically. Its a process of tracking and managing different types of tests.

The manual testing is performed by human beings sitting in front of a desktop and checking all the test steps carefully, but automation testing was done using automatic tools. Hindustan string, there is various sort of cases in comparison to the result, and those results are compared with the expected results.

Automation test definition

The standard definition in that you might find everywhere on the internet regarding the automation test will be that the automation test refers two execution of test automatically in all the cases and compare it with the predicted for the expected results. But we need to be more specific to clear this. You have to understand a human does that manual testing. And automation test is done by an automation tool that performs and helps to test cases.

Why must you go for automation testing in contrast with physical testing?

This is the one question that is frequently asked why we should opt for automation testing and answers very simple. First of all, manual testing is very time consuming and very costly as well. Testing cases manually is very difficult and actually very complex task sometimes.

You need to understand that in manual testing, human integration is required repeatedly were in automation testing. Automation testing is very effective and efficient as well.

Types of mechanization test

After expressive about automation, you might be involved in knowing the types of mechanization testing. There are many different types of automation testing, but here we are mentioning the most important of crucial types of automation testing that you should know.

Unit testing

In simple words, you can understand the meaning of unit testing is in this individual component or unit of any web application is tested. Outwardly written by the designer but an mechanization tester can also pen. This testing is performed during the development phase of a web application.

Functional testing

This testing is generally performed to analyze all the purposes of a web application working as predictable or not. Just testing usually covers all the functional aspects of any web application NH x the user interface database security and overall functionality.

Integration testing

Integration testing the web application modules usually integrated logically. And after that, they are tested as a group. In simple words, you can understand the testing that focuses on verifying data communication between different web app modules.

Smoke testing

This testing is habitually done to check or inspect the growth build is steady or not. You can simply say that it is a verification process that sees all the essential features.

Regression testing

The regression testing is essential, and it is usually performed to check that the recent changes in the code don’t affect the existing feature of any of your web applications.

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