Ulthera Treatments, What You Need to Know


Ulthera treatments or ultherapy is a new and exciting way that men and women all over the world can get a non-surgical facelift and say goodbye to the wrinkles and creases which they have gained. Wrinkles around the eyes, skin creases which have appeared below the aw and all other manner of wrinkles and facial defects can be fixed using this new treatment.

If you have never heard of this treatment before then you are not alone and given the fact that it has only been rolled out to surgeries and therapists in recent years, many are still learning about it. Let’s take a look then at what the treatment is, how it works and what the benefits can be.

What Is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a completely safe ultrasound treatment which involves no surgery at all, which is able to reverse the effects of both gravity and time on your skin. This therapy utilizes the body’s own regenerative power to slowly but surely lift skin on the neck, above the eyebrow and under the chin. This therapy is actually the only treatment which is non-invasive, that the FDA have cleared to be able to lift skin. The therapy is truly unique and it has excellent results the world over.  

Who Is It For?

This therapy is used to reverse the effects of aging so in the main it is older clients who will use the type of treatment. With this being said, just a bout anyone can opt to have Ultherapy depending on what kind of results they are looking for.

How Long Does It Take?

The length of the overall treatment will greatly depend on who you are and what you are looking to have done. Generally speaking, a neck and face procedure will take around 60-90 minutes and chest treatment will usually take about 30 minutes. These are the timings per session and if the ob is larger, it will require that you go in for more sessions.


The results of the treatment will not happen straight away as the idea is to allow your body the chance to fix the issue, with the gentle persuasion of the therapy. Expect to see results in around 2-3 months after you have finished the treatment. The results will be relatively permanent because of the way in which it encourages the body to produce higher levels of collagen to fix any issues which you may have. With this being said, it is important to remember that the aging process cannot be stopped and there is nothing to stop your skin from returning to where it was, once you approach your later years.


As mentioned before, this treatment has been FDA approved and as yet there have been absolutely no cases of anyone who has had the treatment and encountered problems as a result. This is a safe procedure which has a track record of great results.

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