Underrated Tips for Hiring Comedians for your Event     


Finding the right comedian for your event can be daunting. Lately, comedians have opted for offensive and R-rated content to reach their audiences. This whole shift has left the comedy industry a little bit disadvantaged when it comes to reaching a family-friendly audience.

However, thanks to clean comedians, you can still enjoy comedy with zero obscene language. Unlike other comedians, clean comedians practice comedy that is generally free of obscenity. Not every comedian who says they are clean comedians mean it, their reputation might say otherwise. Here are a couple of things to consider when hiring comedians for your event.


Just like any other field, professionalism beats anything when it comes to quality. Randomly searching for clean comedians from the internet may lead you to individuals who may swindle your money. The best way to get a professional comedian is through liaising with an agency.

When finding the right agency, check recommendations from previous clients. You can also go through their website and see what they offer.

Ask for References

Getting the perfect agency that will put you in touch with the ideal comedian for your event might not be enough. Get references from previous clients of your preferred comedian. You can also check out the videos of their latest acts and see if their content aligns perfectly with your preference. Visiting a comedian’s live act session is also another way to get acquainted with their content and style for easy decision making.

Also, debriefing your comedian before they perform is essential. Your comedian’s agency will do the briefing for you, but it’s still necessary for you to play some part in the briefing. Briefing helps you familiarize yourself with the comedian at a personal level. It is also essential in providing the comedian first-hand information on the kind of audience they are about to perform to.

Know your Timing (Plan ahead)

Knowing the day of the event is primarily for you and the comedian, but time is of the essence to the comedian. Avoid ending up hiring your comedian only to stall them an hour before their performance.

Let them know the time they are to start to perform and what precedes their performance. For instance, a performance after dinner will help the comedian understand how to center their performance as per the mood.

Apart from just being vital to the comedian, it also shows good work ethics, and in the future, more performers would want to work with you again.

Go for Clean Comedians

Clean comedy, is the practice of comedy that refrains away from indecency. Clean comedians are ideal for any audience; their performance lacks obscenity and is perfect for a general audience. Fortunately, they are not scarce and are in plenty in the comic market, so finding one can’t be a sleuthing task.

Avoid Novices

As much as novices come with low cost, they are not at all ideal for any event, especially if it’s a corporate event that does not nurture talent. Beginners lack the experience and may end up making the whole event a disaster, so unless you’re in the business of supporting new talent, go with experienced comedians if you want your event to end up a success.

Getting the right comedian is a tedious process, but with the above tips, things can get better. Fortunately, help is there when it comes to hiring because agencies such as Summit Comedy are available to provide the assistance you need.


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