Unique gifts for your one of a kind girlfriend


She’s different. She’s unique. She’s special and she’s one of a kind. Your lovely girlfriend deserves the loveliest things in the world. Surprise her with some unusual gifts and show her how romantic you can be. Here’s a list of items that you could consider giving her as a present and if you decide on one of them, trust me you will not be disappointed and neither will she. Because these are some of the best and highly curated gifts for women.

It’s a cute heart knuckle ring to symbolize your love that she’s holding in her hands. This delicate, tarnish resistant silver plated ring is guaranteed to bring a smile on her face as you present it to her.

This beautiful, magical candle holder projects a custom message on the wall and illuminates brilliantly in the night. It is a perfect gift for your anniversary, a unique birthday gift for girlfriend, or just an act of showing your love for her. Put a candle in the holder and keep it near a wall of your preference and watch her reaction as the words of your heart are brought into light.

The handcrafted, rustic heart boxes will act as a safe keeper of all the little things she owns. It is versatile as it will allow her to store anything she wants; earrings, rings, or maybe, secret letters? Anyhow, the handmade wooden heart drawer will be a unique, online gift for her.

Give her this necklace and let her know that your heart beats only for her. She’ll be happy and proud to hang your necklace from her neck; after all it is just as beautiful as pure as your love.

Now you can have your passionate kiss in the rain just like you always wanted but this time you will have the security of this heart umbrella that will shield you from ogling eyes as you kiss your girlfriend or maybe even when you dance with her. The lightweight umbrella wins in its strength and it will be her friend whether it is melting hot or pouring down.

Finding a soulmate is overrated and so last year. This is the time to find your sole-mate and if you have already found one then give them this pair of socks as an appreciation gift. The cotton socks can be personalized with any message of your choice and you can also choose the colour of the hearts.              

White pink Candle    

The hand carved pink candle is an extremely unique and unusual gift for your girlfriend. The complex design makes it all the more fascinating and pleasing to the eyes. The candle is made of  wax, paraffin, acrylic lacquer and different decorations. This is not just a gift, this is art.

Remember all the hours you’ve spent googling online gifts for girls? Well, your search finally ends here as you can pick any of these wonderful gifts to give to your girl.


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