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Your big day is finally in the making. Your love has proposed and it is time to set the date, set the time and gather the people so that you can profess your love. But who knew there was so much that goes into planning this big day. You have to have a cake, a minister and even an expensive dress. There are many things that everyone does but how do you make your wedding unique. You don’t want everyone coming to your wedding thinking its the same old routine. Here are a few ways to make your wedding one of a kind.

Personalize It

When it comes to you and your beau, you are very different. So choose something that you both really enjoy and make it part of the theme. Make sure that your initials or your wedding hashtag are everywhere. Do you have any unique interests? Have them be a part of the wedding as well.

The Get Away Car

The getaway car is always something that everyone will comment on. Make sure it is unique. Are you in love with a muscle car lover? Rent or borrow a friend’s muscle car to get away in. Do you both love the water? Have your wedding near the water and get away in a boat. Or maybe a motorcycle is more your speed? All of these unique get away cars make for unique weddings.

Add Some Color

The tradition is that brides are in white and grooms are in black tuxes. So mix it up a little by adding some color. Add a pop of color on the flower girls dress. Or even get married in a different color than white. Flowers are the perfect place to add some color. Mix up your flowers for your wedding by adding bright colors.

Elaborate the Cake

Everyone will walk by the cake just to check it out. Decorate your wedding cake with a mixture of you and your favorite things. Are you interested in anything fun like star wars or gardening? Make that a part of the wedding cake. The wedding cake is something that if you choose the right cake artists you can make one of a kind.

Mix Up the Food

Don’t be bland with the food. Along with having your favorite foods, be sure to have some local favorites as well. Do you live near the ocean? Have some delicious ocean delicacies. Do you have any local favorite restaurants? Consider having them cater the wedding. All of these ideas will make your wedding very unique.

Use Old Family Photos

There is no family like yours. And there is no family like your fiancees. So make your wedding unique by utilizing old family photos and old memories. Pull out those gorgeous wedding photos of your grandmother’s wedding and have memory boards. Or place them on the food tables. Everyone will see the evolution of your family and it would be a unique touch. Then to make your wedding really unique try to mimic some of those old photos in your wedding photos. If your grandparents have cute photos of them standing together on their wedding day, try to mimic it. That way you can put them side by side and have an adorable memory. These are just a few unique weddings ideas.


There are many ways to make your wedding unique. From mixing up the food to using your old family memories you can easily make your wedding one of a kind. Rent or borrow a sweet getaway car and be sure that everyone is left stunned by all the unique aspects of your big day.

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