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Upgrading a Home With Epoxy Garage Floors


When trying to improve the look or quality of a home, many people wouldn’t often think of a garage as a good place to start. However, it can be a great area to upgrade. Often, concrete garage floors have stains and scratches throughout them, in addition to appearing dirty no matter how much sweeping is done. One solution is an epoxy covering over the concrete floor in the garage. It instantly enhances the room and gives it a professional appearance. Builders for high end homes are requesting epoxy floored garages, which make the rooms feel like true extensions of the home.

Weighing Cost Versus Quality

When searching the internet for garage floor coating Chicago, for example, there are hundreds of options. It can be tempting to try low cost concrete coverings found in warehouse home improvement stores. However, this inevitably leads to a labor intensive and cheap look, without lasting results. This is one area where it’s best to bring in the professionals. The goal of redoing a garage floor is to enhance the look of the garage, so quality is important.

Finding a Trusted Company

A good epoxy floor company should have various finishes available with different granite or platinum covers. The covering should be resistant to fading, particularly if the area gets a lot of sunlight. A company should be able to walk you through the process by selecting the best flooring for your space and providing cost information. Make sure to research the company prior to committing. Check online to determine whether the company has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau. Look for customer reviews and testimonials, and look through pictures of previous projects.

Ensuring Product Quality

There are many different types of epoxy floors, so it’s important to install a quality product on your floors. Particularly for a garage, it’s important that the floor can withstand temperature extremes. The flooring should be stain resistant and easily washable, which is one of the huge benefits of an epoxy floor. It is essential that the material bonds well with the concrete, and a good installation company will be able to explain how its product produces a quality bond.

Putting an epoxy covering in a garage is an investment, but it’s one with impressive results. It can instantly make a garage more livable and usable as a work space. It’s essential to find a trusted company that uses a quality product. Once installed, the floor will give your home an upgraded look to enjoy for years to come.

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