It’s quite easy to tell someone to seek help if that person is having problems with substance abuse. Regrettably, these individuals have somehow lost all hope when it comes to choosing a program that is appropriate for them. It really is not their fault since one of the major effects of illicit substances in the brain is the reduced capacity to think logically that even a very simple problem can often be seen as very formidable. It is thus up to you to help these individuals find the right kind of help for their substance addiction.

  • Beef up your knowledge on the substance that your friend is addicted to


It is imperative that you first gain a deeper understanding of the kind of drug addiction your friend is suffering from. It makes no sense offering help if you, too, don’t understand the very nature of the problem. For instance, if your friend is addicted to opioids then it is highly recommended that you find out everything about opioid addictions.

  • Gather as much pertinent information as you can on the drug addiction


Based on what you have read about the particular drug addiction, it’s now time to compare what the book says to what you observe from your friend. Chances are there will be some manifestations that simply don’t fit in the description of the substance addiction. You may want to take this down so you can have a professional clarify it for you.

  • Create a shortlist of possible sources of help


Once you have a clear understanding of the kind of addiction that your friend is suffering from, you can now look for possible sources of professional help. Use the internet to narrow your search for drug rehabilitation facilities located in or near your area if you think your friend would like to be rehabilitated in a facility where his family and friends can easily visit him. If not, then you might want to look for a facility in a much farther location, maybe even out of state.

  • Initiate contact with these professional resources


Know that what you read or hear about a particular drug rehabilitation center in the Houston sober living community can sometimes be severely inflated for marketing purposes. A much better approach would be to go out of your way to find out more about these facilities. Call them, or better yet, pay them a visit so you can also see for yourself the programs and amenities that they have. With any luck, you might even get to interview a resident or two so you will have an idea of what kind of facility your friend will be entering.

  • Lay them all out for your friend to decide and assist if necessary


By this time you already have a few recommendations for your friend. You can discuss these with him and help him make the decision himself to check into a Houston IOP program. If he cannot do it, then convene a meeting with all his loved ones and discuss your options.

Helping someone find the right help for his drug addictions is easy. Just take note of these tips and you’ll do just fine.