Copper nails are very common to be used in slates and roofing materials. However there are many other instances where you can use copper nails. Although there are many different types of copper nails, copper clout nails and copper annular ring clout nails are most commonly used by the workers. Apart from that there are other types of copper nails that are used in many projects. These types of copper nails are copper pins, disc rivets, and slate straps.

As mentioned, copper nails are used by both professionals and DIY workers. They are mainly used for their longevity and durability. Mentioned below are the most common situations where copper nails are used.

Copper Clout and Annular Ring Nails:

In most cases, copper clouts and annular ring nails are used for roofing tiles and slates. These types of nails actually come in different types of sizes. Each project is individual and you can choose copper nails depending on your requirement. If you make a short online research and search for copper nails, you will likely to visit numerous online forums discussing why copper nails are the best choice for any job. The most common reasons why copper nails are best are as follows:

In some states, the building regulations do not allow homeowners to use galvanized nails for slate roofing.

Copper nails are used in coastal regions since the weather condition can quickly damage galvanized nails. On the other hand, copper nails on the coastal region offer longevity.

Also, galvanized nails can get damaged due to the high level of pollution. But there is no such problem with copper nails.

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When it comes to replace a broken or damaged slate, it becomes easier to pull out copper nails without applying much effort.

Galvanized nails are not that durable and hence, can lose their protection when hammering the nail in.

In some areas, due to harsh weather condition, galvanized nails can start corroding faster which could actually lead the slates to slip off the roof.

Copper Pins:

You can also get copper pins from any local hardware stores. These types of nails are ideal for any decorative beading as well as craft work applications. For example, the 20mm copper pins are excellent for using on any decorative projects, and as they are coppered, they will also run longer. However, these types of copper pins are meant for using only in interiors and they will not be as durable outside as they are in interiors.

Copper Disc Rivets:

Other important and popular types of copper nails are copper disc rivets. These types of rivets are mainly used for roofing purposes. You can use copper disc rivets for fiber cement slates. If you visit online forums, you can view discussions about how easier it is to fix fiber cement slates with copper disc rivets than the traditional slates since they are man-made and manufactured to uniform dimensions.

Copper Slate Straps:

You can also find copper slate straps that are mainly used for roofing applications. These types of copper slate straps are frequently used by people who have damaged slates on their roofs but are not able to easily remove the slate.