Using user behavior analytics to improve business security


Having a decent level of security in all aspects of a business is imperative for it to be safe and successful.  If a business does not contain a high level of security it has the possibility of its data being shared among people it should not be, copied or abused.  Most businesses these days keep all of their files stored in the cloud or on a server network of some kind, this makes it easily accessible to employees but it can also make it vulnerable, enabling people who shouldn’t be accessing or seeing the information to be able to do just that, so securing your business is extremely important

There are many methods that businesses use to protect their data such as firewalls, antivirus software and password protection but sometimes using just these methods is just not quite enough.  Different types of businesses hold all different types of information.  Some may hold information about clients including payment information, some, such as healthcare institutes may hold personal details about clients such as medical records and others may contain secretive future business plans with ideas that are going to progress the company further.  All types of information like this is extremely sensitive and if it got into the wrong hands could be dangerous.  Using firewalls and antiviruses is a good way to protect this sensitive data but it can’t always protect against the end user.  Using user behavior analytics helps to secure a business by using analytics to ensure that the end user is not up to no good or breaching security by mistake, for example, accepting a file that they shouldn´t via email and permitting it through the firewall.  Sometimes the biggest enemy to a device or network is an end user because sometimes they will accept files they shouldn’t and even permit it to make changes to the system without even knowing, using these analytics tools can be extremely important in picking up on these activities and alerting someone who can deal with the issue before it becomes a problem.

How the tools work is that they analyze the behavior and usage of the end users and detect threats through the user’s behavior.  They can also pick up on end users who are installing malicious software or viruses themselves which enables an employer to address this employee immediately and avoid any future threats almost instantly.  As an example, to explain how this security measure can work, take the movie Office Space, when the characters install a virus which takes the remaining points of a cent for each transaction that their company does and sends them into a bank account owned by themselves they are committing fraud and if this analytics software was available in the time the movie was made, it would have detected the software and eliminated the threat.

Securing a business is one of the most important things you can do.  The amount of money or business that can be lost if you decide to scrimp on security can often ruin a business.  Millions of people worldwide are using cybercrime to make money, ensure that your business is not a victim!

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