Valletta named European Capital of Culture for 2018


Valletta – European Capital of Culture 2018

You can’t miss this! Malta is celebrating culture like never before. Hundreds of events and parties just to mark the year of 2018 as the year of culture in Valletta and all-around Malta. Experience all from amazing locations to tasteful night life.


Malta is very proud to host the European Capital of Culture 2018. The country is investing a lot of effort and resources to make 160 projects and 400 events possible to all. So many people are involved in sharing best ideas about culture, sharing their works, sharing their hopes. Actors, film-makers, painters and musicians are preparing for their piece of the show in 2018.

What kind of event do you think you would enjoy in Valletta in 2018? There will almost be any sort of event you can possibly think of. Starting with operas, visual arts, art exhibitions, interactive performances, theatre plays to conferences on the topic of culture. The choice is very wide so it’s better to check the events calendar and check what’s going on during the days you would like to visitthis captivating Capital City of Malta, or any other spot exploding with culture.

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While the main action will take place in Valletta, don’t miss on other great events being organised all over Malta to mark Valletta Capital of Culture 2018. Places like Paceville, Attard, Ta’Qali and Gozo will play a huge part in the celebration of culture this year.

Paceville, an area be enjoyed by clubbers and electronic music lovers, will add its bit to the culture with performances of famous electronic music artists and other music shows.

Ta’Qali will offer people the opportunity to watch the traditional art of glass making and buy some hand-crafted souvenirs. Glass making is so mesmerizing that children just love to sit and watch these craftsmen turn melting glass into any shape and form they please. Not to mention the beautiful products created using this ages-old Maltese art.

Malta’s sister island, Gozo will also collaborate in a group effort to spread culture. The island will hold many different events just like the main rock. Bonus: the extraordinary nature of Gozo can lure anyone in. If you’d like to have a quite holiday and get some cultural vibes too- Gozo is the perfectchoice.

Night life

If you are visiting Valletta this year to charge up on culture, don’t underestimate the night life in the capital. It may seem that Valletta is asleep if you walk up Republic Street at 1 am. But that’s not true, there are so many places still open and waiting for you to visit and enjoy a drink in what could very well be a 100-year-old building.

You see, even if you are just enjoying a drink in a small bar somewhere in Valletta, it’s probably been managed by three consecutive generations in the very same building. Looking for authentic? You just found it. There are many bars in narrow Strait Street and in the little alleys of steps crossing St. Paul’s street and others. If you fancy a nice place where to enjoy cocktails, consider the Gin Bar in a very heart of Valletta. This bar serves the best gin cocktails on the island and remains open till dawn.

Not a fan of Gin? Say no more! Belgium beer bar will cover all your hoppy needs. It is as well in the centre of Valletta and keeps their clients very cosy with a warm service and happy environment.

How about live music and wine? You may want to visit St. Paolo Naufrago bar located in St. Lucia street, opposite of St. Pauls Church. This bar has an amazing collection of wines and a secret –from the basement of this bar you can access tunnels that gounderneath Valletta City. You can enter them and even take pictures. Keep in mind, not all local people are aware of this little secret.

Another two great places to spend late evening in Valletta areCafé Society and Bridge Bar. Both located on the steps near the small wooden bridge in Valletta, they provide good quality drinks and live music. Not to mention amazing views of Three Cities.

Local experience

For those who look forward to an extraordinary local experience, Mgarr might be the best place to start your exploration in the field of food culture. Mgarr is famous for its local meals. Rabbit, quill and horse-that’s a trio you won’t forget for the rest of your life. Generations and generations of recipe development and the result –perfectly juicy and soft meat that makes all the other meats in the world taste not good enough. Think this is overrated? You are totally wrong, but you won’t know for sure until you try. So, go ahead and book your table at an Mgarr Restaurant with a view of green fields and the impressive church.

And remember, you cannot say that you have been to Malta unless you have tried the local pastizzi. A pastizzi (singularI is a small cake filled with soft ricotta, cheese or peas. The cheese is hugged by hundreds of layers of crispy, buttery pastry and only cost €30 cents! €30 cents, not joking!

Malta’s culture is very rich at all times, capital of culture or not. Every village celebrates their city days with drums and fireworks. Make sure you have a chance to visit one of their local feasts. The unity of the people and amount of fun will blow your mind away. Every bit of Malta smells like culture, and this year it’s going to be an explosion of music and arts and you must be a part of it!

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