Various Resorts That Suit Your Holiday in Likupang


Along with its determination among the very priority destinations, resorts in Likupang are beginning to become in the spotlight. Although the name is familiar to divers, this tourism area isn’t expected of most tourists. For those who wish to go to Likupang and have a cozy vacation, the various resorts below could be a safe option to remain there!

  • Gangga Island Resort & Spa

This island is known as a diver’s paradise. However, Ganga Divers offers more than beautiful underwater panoramas. This resort also offers an above-average stay experience with comfortable wooden bungalows and views of the white sand right in front of it. You can refresh yourself at the hotel pool or enjoy spa services for those of you who don’t want to dive.

  • Coral Eye

The first thing that will greet you when you arrive at this hotel is the most important building in the form of a bamboo house with thatched roofs. Though it looks simple, the rooms in this hotel are equipped with qualified facilities. Do not be worried if you don’t get a beach view room as there are loads of beachside sitting areas which it is possible to utilize. Aside from the beach view, this resort in Likupang also has ships that you can rent to go around the island as you desire!

  • Casabaio Paradise Resort

This resort in Likupang is one of the most lavish. The location is about the edge of a white sandy beach that looks like a comparison into the backyard with green grass. Aside from the gorgeous scenery, this hotel also provides various intriguing activities for its guests. A swimming pool, waterpark on the beach, water sports, plus also a golf course with 18 holes can also be available at this resort. This way, you have many options besides investigating the natural splendor of Likupang.

  • La Merry Beach Resort

Not far from Kinaari, there’s La Merry Resort which is no less beautiful. The location of the villas in this resort is only 100 meters from the shore. So, you may easily swim or do actions in the shallow waters around it, for example by trying a kayak or paddle board. The issue of relaxation is unquestionable. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, television and hot water.

  • Kinaari Resort

Another fascinating resort in Likupang is the Kinaari Resort. Launched in 2015, this hotel has ten exceptional granary homes. Here you will find several picture spots offered by the resort. However, one favourite place is a very long deck that stretches out over the sea. The people usually take pictures with amazing sunset views from the spot. Other than that, Kinaari Resort additionally provides various activities, from water sports, diving, snorkeling, to excursions into Lihaga Island.

  • Bastianos Bangka Dive Resort

You’ll find 16 bungalows and ten rooms that you can choose from at this resort in Likupang. Staying this is much more comfortable with the infinity pool in the middle of the resort area. Not only that, Bastianos Bangka has proven serious in fulfilling the requirements of those divers who stay here. Apart from providing a dip facility with all the equipment, this hotel also includes a camera room that divers can use to clean out the camera after catching the moment under the sea.

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