Visit Bandung: The Awesome Natural Spots in the City


Bandung City can be the perfect option that you better choose when you look for the place for your vacation. This remarkable city will definitely be able to offer you so various fun tourism objects that can suit your expectations in the best way possible. Well, it can also offer you so many awesome natural spots in case you look for the chilling places when you visit bandung.

Here are the awesome natural tourism objects you have to see when you visit bandung. They can be like:

  • Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

The first of so many natural destinations that you have to visit when you go to Bandung City is Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. This place, which is actually located on the north of the downtown of Bandung City, will definitely show you the astonishing and mesmerizing view. The perfect combination of the mountain, the live crater, and the greenery has made this place become so eyes pleasing for sure. Then, you can also get the fresh air while you are spending your leisure time there. So then, it is clear that visiting this mountain will definitely make you feel free from any exhausting and boring things that you have got during your busy time.

  • Kawah Putih

The second natural destination you have to visit when you take a vacation in Bandung City is Kawah Putih (the White Crater). This great place will show you the unique view of a crater with green colored water that is surrounded with the clean white sand. Even better, it can be so much amazing somehow as it has been decorated naturally by the limestone cliff and some greenery. Not only that, the light of the sun can also make the color of the crater change to be so much more beautiful than ever, so make sure that you go to the crater in the right time to see that special moment. In addition, in case you really want to go to the place, you can actually go to the south of Bandung for about 50 km by a public or private transportation.

  • Situ Patenggang

Moreover, Situ Patenggang, which you can find on Ciwidey-Rancabali Street, Bandung, is such a very cool natural spot to visit. This stunning spot will give you the chance to see the marvelous scenery that can definitely drop your jaw. It is because this lake is surrounded by a quite large tree garden and some small waterfalls. Besides, it will be great for you to ride a boat when you are there, so that you can find a small island on the center of the lake. Many people believe that the island is the place where two lovers meet to express their feelings to each other. So it can be a romantic place for you who come to the lake with your couple.

Thus, they are some of the awesome natural spots you must see when you visit bandung for distinctive vacation. All of them will show you the different sides that can make you always want to go back to Bandung more and more.

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