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Want an Interior Designer in Mumbai? Try UrbanClap


After my husband’s retirement, we both planned to travel to the char dham. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences of our life. But when we came back home, we started missing the peace, tranquility and natural beauty of the mountains. We both are nature lovers and find bliss in any natural excursions, especially in the hills. That’s when we decided that we will redesign our home to make it look close to nature and started looking or an interior designer in Mumbai.

UrbanClap helped us

The road to our wish fulfillment wasn’t easy. I had eloquent ideas about our home’s transformation but every interior designer we talked to had similar ideas in mind. It is very difficult to find a designer who understands your needs. My daughter-in-law also had a tough time in meeting several different designers. Some of them even wanted us to leave our idea behind and embrace their ‘modern’ home designs. We didn’t want anything like that.

I had decided that I will start a small kitchen garden and pot some plants in the balcony to make the home look more natural. That’s when my daughter-in-law talked to her friends and gave us a brilliant idea.

One of her friends used to call beauty professionals, repair professionals and home decorators very often. She asked her and found out about UrbanClap. She quickly downloaded the app. With a good recommendation like this, we couldn’t wait for long.

We wanted to look for interior designers instantly, but we had to register on the app first. I am new to smartphones, but I didn’t face any problems with the app. It took only one minute to become a registered user. I had to fill in a few personal details like name, and email address only and the app was working fine.

We then went to the services section and looked for interior designers. The app asked us a few questions. The first was the kind of service we are looking for – interior design and execution, renovation or planning and design. Then it asked us when we want the work to start and if we had a budget in mind. Then we fed the app our location. That’s it.

I couldn’t believe it could be this simple. I navigated through the app very easily. The learning curve is also very small. The app also finds your location, so you don’t have to feed it manually.

The interior designer and her team arrived right on time, and even though we had a small budget and an even smaller time frame, they helped me recreate a home close to nature. The designer added lots of bonsai trees, indoor plants and even helped me create a balcony full of plants and grass to sit on.

The home was also repainted in beautiful natural colors. My grandkids even drew a family tree with their pictures which is now a decal in my living room. All this was done by the designer who understood our need to stay close to our family.

Our UrbanClap experience

The app is very simple and easy to use, even for a first-time smartphone user like me. The navigation is very easy to follow as well. You also have the choice to pay to the app or pay to the service providers upon completion of the work. Even a person who doesn’t use smartphones much will learn how to use this app very quickly. The intuitive design of the app makes booking services very easy. With only a few taps, you get what you want.

The service providers you find in this app are registered, licensed and genuine professionals. They were very supportive of my demands and went out of their way to make it look like my dream home. They understand their duties well and never let the customers down. With a small budget in hand, I had no idea that we could get a home we always wanted but they made it possible for us.

I would especially recommend Ms. Shalini Ahuja and her team at Asmita Homes for doing this for us. She is a brilliant young woman with a fantastic sense of design. Even better, she understands her clients’ needs very well which helps her deliver a good project. She completed the entire project in only 41 days and assured us that she would be available for any revisions or repairs if the need be. Her friendly demeanor and the effectiveness of her staff is commendable. I have also added a 5-star rating for her business in the app.

As far as UrbanClap is concerned, I think they are doing a great job helping people find genuine professionals to work with. The interior designers I found through personal contracts were neither supportive nor helpful. But UrbanClap helped us get exactly what I wanted from amiable and experienced people. I recommend their app to everyone.

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