Ways to Help Keep the Bugs Out


Having your home invaded by bugs is so far from ideal. The small little crawling, creatures are sure to make you feel like you live in a dirty home. Certain times of the years are known for an increase in the number of bugs that you see in your home. Thankfully, there are things that you can do before the season of bug invasions start to help keep bugs outside of your home.

NOLA pest control has some great tips for homeowners to follow to help them keep bugs from taking up residence inside of their homes. The key to bug prevention is to start early. If you wait until the bugs are already inside of your home you are going to have a harder time getting the bugs out and keeping them out for the remainder of the season.

Bug Control Tips

Here are some proven tips for you to follow to keep bugs out of your home this year:

  1. Check the Seal of your Doors
      1. Many people think that keeping the doors shut is enough to keep the pests outside of your home. Just shutting the door is not always going to be enough. If the seals on your door are not tight the bugs are going to make their way in. If you can see any light or feel any air near your door your need to replace the seal around the door. A tightly sealed door will be able to keep bugs on the other side.
  1. Keep a Tidy Yard
    1. We all know that bugs infestations start in your yard. Your yard need to have bugs living in it in order to keep a healthy landscape. However, if you have too many bugs living in your yard it is going to cause problems. If you maintain your yard well and keep it tidy, the ecosystem should be able to maintain itself well. If you do not keep it clean and picked up more bugs will show up and eventually make their way into your home.
  1. Don’t Have a Messy Home
    1. Bugs love nothing more than to have a pile of food leftover on the floor for them to eat inside of your home. In fact, leftover foods are what attract bugs to your home. It is vital that you do not leave food in places that bugs can get to. Leftover crumbs on the floor will not help you keep bugs outside of your home. Be sure to clean up after yourself regularly.

There are many different things that you can do to help you keep bugs outside of your home. There are simple things that you can do to try and keep bugs outside of your home. Prevention is much easier than having to deal with an infestation inside of your home. If you do have a problem with bugs inside of your home you should contact a pest control company to come and help you remove the bugs inside of your home and prevent them from coming back.

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