If your home is on the smaller side of things you have probably brainstormed ideas on how you could possibly make the space feel a little bit bigger. Whether you wish your living room was bigger, your windows were bigger, or your kitchen wasn’t so cramped, there are ways that you can make the space feel bigger without having to make any structural changes to your home. The best place to start is Super Blinds, we’ll explain later.


The size of the windows in your home makes a big difference in the space that you call home. Small windows can make a space feel cramped and also dark. Bright spaces are often more inviting and make the area feel larger. How can you tackle the problem having small windows in your home? Replacing the windows in your home can be really expensive especially if you are wanting to change the size of the windows in themselves. There are other options for creating a more inviting space with bright natural light that you should be aware of. If you currently have dark window coverings you need to take them down. Dark coverings are only going to make the window seem much smaller.

Hanging blinds can also make and break how your windows appear. You need to strategically hang the blinds over your windows. You should never han the blind rod right on the top of the windows. Hanging the blinds right above the window will make the space seem smaller. You should hang the rod just below your ceiling line. Hanging the blind rod higher will make the window appear larger as well as the room in itself. After you hang the blind you want to make sure that the rod is extra wide. You do not want the blinds to cover the window glass. Allow the blinds to cover the wall next to the window and leave all of the window uncovered. Hanging the blinds along the side of the window rather than over the top of the glass will create an illusion that the window is double the width that it actually is. You can visit places like Superior Blinds to look for different blinds that will benefit your space as well as visit with an expert about how you should hang your blinds to make the space feel larger.

Increasing how large your windows appear to be will also help open up the other spaces that you feel are too small inside of your home. You always want to encourage natural light into the space in your home to make spaces feel larger. Dark spaces will always feel smaller than bright spaces. Now that you have fixed the dark areas in your home from the windows that appeared too small, you should be able to make other small changes to make the other spaces you were concerned about feel larger.

Over Decorating an area in your home will make it appear cramped and small. If you have went to the effort to make the natural light in the space more prevalent do not cram the space with a lot of stuff. The more stuff inside of a space, the smaller the space will seem.

Visit the experts at Superior Blinds to be on the way to having an open living space that feels much larger than it actually is.