Ways to Entertain and Motivate Your Employees


Are your employees bored around the office? Has the morale in your company sunk down quite a bit and you don’t know why? It might be time to change things up a little bit. Add some new strategies that makes your company more pleasant to work for. Ask for suggestions, but you can also provide some options on your own. Owners that announce new ways to enjoy the company seem like they really care about their employees. Some of the things you can do to entertain your employees include special workdays, recognition tokens, and field trips. 

Special Workdays

Special workdays can include a pizza on Fridays, or any special privileged during the week that employees will appreciate. If lots of your employees have dogs maybe you can participate in a dog day. If a lot of your employees prefer to dress down, you could try a jean day. Picking a day doesn’t have to happen for every week. You can make an annual special day to celebrate staff appreciation or department appreciation. Make it for a year for the sales team because they closed a big deal. Special workdays can be anything you want. Observe your employees’ reactions to the days to see what they like most. You can also take a vote to help narrow down the options for special workdays. 

Recognition Tokens 

Nothing motivates as great as additional income or extra benefits. Let staff that works really hard go home early on certain days. It’s a definite way to motivate your employees to do well, but it’s also a way to make employees feel better about coming to work. They know if they work hard enough to make a difference their efforts will be acknowledged. Recognition tokens are a great way to show employees that you’re paying attention to their actions. 

Field Trips 

Field trips on a work day can men taking the staff out back to the gazebo and garden, visiting a museum or baseball game, or even visiting a place to play games to work as a team. Team building exercises are very helpful if your team needs to learn how to work together or understand what it means to work together with different thinkers. Team buildings gives each person a chance to prove themselves to the group. If you feel that your staff can benefit from the entertainment of team building you should look up https://lockdownrooms.com/team-building-san-diego/. 


Many offices just stick to a normal day-to-day routine and it works fine for them. These ideas are for the companies who have a staff that is getting cabin fever or needs something to stimulate or motivate them. All of these ideas will require some sort of sacrifice from the CEO as ultimately time away from desks or any type of comradery building might cost the company in time or money. Things you could try to entertain and motivate your staff include special workdays, recognition tokens, and field trips. Invest in your employees so that they can invest love and energy back into the company.

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