More than one million Americans encounter slip and fall accidents each year for emergency medical care. 20% to 30% of such victims develop severe injuries, and the average hospitalization expenses arising from slips and falls go upward of $30,000. Houston is a thriving city in Texas with a booming business environment. The city boasts of being one of US metropolises with over 100,000 small businesses. It also houses several big construction sites that pose severe tripping and falling hazards to both the visitors and on-site crew. 

The premises liability law applicable in Houston, TX, states the property owner can be held responsible for injuries suffered by a victim on their premises. If you are the injured party, a Houston premises liability attorney can help you file a lawsuit.

You are eligible for compensation if your lawyer can prove that the premises owner was aware of the looming danger that caused you injury but ignored it. In Houston, premises liability law cases fall under any of these three categories:

  • Negligent activity
  • Standard premises negligence case
  • Negligent undertaking

Why Claim?

After a freak accident, you have to endure pain and suffering until your wounds heal completely. Your injury demands ongoing treatment because of which your medical bills increase, and loss of income only adds to your woes.

Whether you fall at a supermarket in Downtown or trip over a greasy floor at a gas station in Sugarland or Bellaire, know your rights to seek compensation for injuries resulting from the accident. 

You have every right to claim compensation for the setbacks you face, especially when the other party has put you in this predicament. Premises liability claims in Houston have a two-year timeframe starting from when you suffered your injury, within which you must file a claim.

The Process Involved

Injuries you suffer because of a slip and fall accident must be recorded by a doctor immediately. Promptly seek medical treatment and report the accident to whoever is in charge of the premises. If possible, identify witnesses and capture evidence by taking videos and pictures of the scene of your fall.

Soon after, contact a Houston premises liability attorney who will first interview you to determine the cause of your injury. Your legal representative proceeds after conducting a thorough investigation, speaking to witnesses, and establishing that you are entitled to compensation.

Your attorney approaches the property owner at fault and their insurance company when filing a claim. As your case progresses, it either heads to a trial or a settlement when the other party is more accommodating.

Your Legal Status Determines Your Rights  

When on another person’s property, Houston laws categorize you as either:

An Invitee

You are given this status when you have received a direct or implied invitation by the owner to their premises to serve a mutual purpose. For instance, if you are injured while in a department store or a business facility in downtown Houston or Sugarland, the owner is duty-bound to create reasonably safe conditions for your visit.

A Licensee

As a licensee, you are permitted to enter a property to serve your purpose, like as a social guest or utility worker. Here, the owner is responsible for warning you of any prevailing dangers.

A Trespasser

When you set foot on another’s property without any permission, you are considered a trespasser. Since you have no right to be on the premises you got injured, you need to prove gross negligence on the owner’s part.

What strengthens your case in the eyes of the law is when you are considered an invitee. There is data to prove that slips and falls contribute to 50% of workplace fatalities in Houston and the rest of the state. 

Freely consult with a specialized and experienced Houston attorney who can successfully fight for your rights in such cases.