What are the benefits of playing golf?


All sports do not combine leisure with activity. Statistics show that around 24.3 million people enjoyed the game on a golf course in 2019, while 9.9 million participated in off-course activities, including indoor simulators and driving ranges. This is a big reason behind its popularity globally.

Almost everything about the sport is relaxing, from moving around in a cart to taking a swing. You get the exercise you need without excessively straining yourself, which many people prefer. Moreover, families and business people prefer it for its excellent bonding and networking opportunities.

If you want to know the reasons behind its popularity and why you should play this sport regularly, here is the information.

1 The sport is a stress-buster

Studies have shown that playing a game of golf or two has several mental benefits. Since this game requires plenty of focus, commitment, patience, and attentiveness, your brain releases the feel-good hormones called endorphins, immediately eliminating stress mentally and physically. It also helps with depression and anxiety because it is played in large, green, and fresh environments with no unnecessary noise or distractions. You are also one with your thoughts and in the company of nature.

2 Anybody can try it

You can try this game if you are new to the sport and do not have a lot of experience. With a few days of practice and focus, you will understand the game and enjoy it all you want. This sport is different from the others because you can try it regardless of your height, weight, experience, and age. It is interesting that golfing is counted among the few sports with no shelf-life and can be tried both by the young and the old. However, beginners should start on a practice range rather than the golf course to get acclimatized.

3 There is plenty of physical activity involved

Golf is an activity after all that involves walking, bending, and swinging. It does not pressurize your joints unnecessarily and simultaneously increases your core strength. You receive an excellent cardiovascular and muscular workout while enjoying yourself in the process. For instance, you might have to walk around 6 kilometers in an 18-hole golf course, expending about 2,000 calories in the process. Since you will be outdoors for a long time, you will be taking in plenty of Vitamin D, thereby boosting your immune system, lowering your risk of cancer, and helping the body in the absorption of calcium.

4 It is a great way to bond

You must have seen families and corporate people playing the game and enjoying themselves thoroughly. It is one of those activities where you can take your entire family, including the kids. Even if they are not interested in the swings, clubs, and holes, they will find a ride on the cart quite exciting. People in business view it as an opportunity to improve business relationships, make new ones and discuss strategies while playing the game.


Playing golf is exciting, relieves stress, and provides plenty of movement. You could start playing the game and see for yourself what makes it so popular globally. You might be looking for relaxation, workouts, social bonding, and being outdoors, and golfing offers all of these in equal measure.


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