Gambling is meant to be a fun activity, but the element of making financial wins can often lead to an obsession. The desperation to win money and other things can play a big role in the life of gamblers and lead to major changes such as  online gambling addiction.

Emotional problems

Studies show that addiction to gambling is just as intense as those of alcohol, drug or other intoxicants. It can change the brain of punters and affect the level of chemicals like dopamine and adrenaline. Punters chase what is known as “gamblers high”, quite similar to the ‘kick’ that smoking or boozing offers. The constant craving for these sensations can lead to emotional problems, such as anxiety and depression. Gamblers go through ‘crests’ and ‘troughs’ in emotions, which resemble the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.

Poor health

In the course of time, an obsessive gambling addiction can make people lose sleep, suffer from poor nutrition, mental breakdown and more – which can result in poor physical health. Gamblers are heavily influenced by losses, both financially and emotionally, and this has a major impact on their bodily health. They might appear unkempt and sloppy, and unable to buy new clothes or shave or give time to their personal hygiene as they spend maximum hours of the day in gambling addiction.

Financial issues

Over time, biochemical changes in the brain of gamblers can make them obsessed about winnings. An obsession of anything, when it becomes severe, can ruin the life of gamblers as well as those around them.

  • Gamblers get socially isolated
  • Gradually lose connect with family members and friends
  • Miss visits to church, family events and other important social activities
  • Ignore everyday expenses
  • Facing financial problems as they put in more money into wagering

Bankruptcy, home foreclosure and other issues are quite common for gambling addicts.