What Are the Different Types of Scaffolding Used in Construction?


Scaffoldings refer to the temporary framework commonly used in construction sites. It aims to provide support to the structure of the building. Consequently, it can also be used as a platform where the crew will be performing their construction work, most especially in higher areas where they cannot reach. Aside from using a scaffolding in the construction, it can also be used for repairing various types of projects, from residential buildings to industrial constructions.

What Are the Three Parts of A Scaffolding?

  • Standards – refer to the upright structure that consists of connector joints.
  • Ledgers – refer to the horizontal brace that supports the scaffoldings.
  • Transoms – refer to the horizontal component that holds the load. It is the deck where the workers will be standing on.

What Are the Different Types of Scaffoldings?

There are various types of scaffoldings that you can use in your construction projects. The following are just some of them.

Single Scaffoldings

Single scaffoldings are also known as the brick layer’s scaffoldings. As its name suggests, this scaffold is primarily used for brick masonry and is considered one of the oldest types of a scaffold. It includes ledgers, standards, and putlogs. It is placed parallel to the wall that the workers will be working on, approximately at a distance of 1.2 meters.

Double Scaffoldings

Also known as the independent scaffoldings and are principally used for stone masonry construction. It offers more robustness and sturdiness since putlogs will not be able to support stone walls. Here, two scaffoldings will be used, and once it is set up, the putlogs will be placed to complete the scaffoldings. If you want to make the structure stronger, then you can add rakers and cross braces.

Cantilever Scaffoldings

A series of needles taken from the wall holes will act as the support for Cantilever scaffoldings. Due to its type of construction, it may require a lot of preventive and safety measures.

Ultimately, Cantilever scaffoldings should only be used if the ground is incapable of supporting the standards. Or if the ground is nearer to the wall and free from any obstructions or if the top portion of the wall is still under construction.

Suspended Scaffoldings

Based on its name, the working platform will be suspended from the roof using chains or rope. Suspended scaffoldings are commonly used in various types of construction projects such as painting jobs or repair works. The platform is adjustable; it can either be lowered down or raised upwards.

Trestle Scaffoldings

Tripods or movable ladders are used as a support for Trestle scaffoldings. Generally, it is used for interior construction projects, including painting or repair projects. Trestle scaffoldings have a maximum height of 5 meters only.

Steel Scaffoldings

Steel tubes are used in steel scaffoldings. Fittings or steel couplers are used in setting them up. Nowadays, it is extensively used in various construction projects due to its strength, robustness, and durability. Best of all, it can be easily assembled and dismantled. Aside from this, it also offers high safety standards to the workers. It is considered as one of the most popular scaffolding structures in the industry today. It is generally used in huge commercial sites and outdoor construction projects.


Knowing the different types of scaffoldings can help you identify the most suitable scaffold for your project. It can help in keeping your workers safe while working on your project.

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