What Are the Home Appliances We Can’t Live Without?


Home appliances make our lives comfortable. They’re involved in various household functions such as cooking, cleaning, washing, exercising, and entertainment. That’s the main reason we go to a home and appliance repair service when they get broken.

  1. Toilet 

Sir John Harrington was the first to make an indoor plumbing system possible in the16th century. Back in the Middle Ages, proper waste disposal was far from reality due to lack of sanitation. Although there had been attempts to invent a plumbing system in the 2,500 B.C., it didn’t flourish.

Stench still filled the London streets and sanitation remained to be a problem. The devastating outbreak of cholera epidemic made developing sewage disposal a priority. 

Today, the upgraded version of Sir John Harrington’s plumbing system involved a toilet bowl with a hole at the bottom fitted for a valve, allowing easier waste disposal down the drain. 

Just imagine how life would be without an efficient indoor plumbing system. Perhaps hot chambers were still the staple at every house. And we might still be pitching waste somewhere else. 

  1. Electric fan

Between 1882 and 1886, an American electrical engineer named Schuyler Wheeler invented the electric fan. Then Crocker & Curtis, an American firm, officially marketed it. And just a few years later, a ceiling fan came out, after Philip Diehl set up a fan blade on the sewing machine and hung it on the ceiling. 

Both were intended to blow away the hot air or increase the evaporation rate in the skin to provide comfort, particularly in hot weather. Today, electric and ceiling fans continue to make our lives more comfortable, making them one of the most important inventions in history. 

  1. Gas stove 

A gas stove is a cooking appliance fueled by a combustible gas. Before gas was invented, people had relied on wood or coal, where you had to light up the fire and fan the wood until they burned. 

It’s still a practice in some remote areas, though. But it can no longer be considered a good fit for the modern lifestyle, where people seek comfort and convenience. 

A gas stove provides just that. You only have to turn it on and choose between low to high flame. The food will be served within minutes. 

  1. Air conditioner 

When an electric fan isn’t enough for a summer heat wave, an air conditioner comes to the rescue. It’s an indoor cooling system designed to make a house cool and comfortable. 

The very first air conditioner was released in 1928 by Willis Carrier. Before its invention, the way around of people during summer had been to let the light breeze in through open-air space. That was the reason shotgun houses were prominent during that time. 

It wasn’t until the printing process required a reliable cooling system—preventing the ink from deteriorating—that Will Carried designed an air conditioner. Today, it has become widely used, not just at home but also in the workplace. 

  1. Microwave oven 

The accidental discovery of a microwave oven as a cooking appliance can be traced back in the 1940s, when Dr. Percy LeBaron Spencer, a staff member of Raytheon Company, melted a0 candy bar on the radio wave by accident. 

Although it long existed since World War II, it wasn’t officially considered as a cooking tool, but as a radar. But thanks to Dr. Percy LeBaron Spencer, we now have a microwave oven that makes the concept of cooking food within minutes a reality.

It uses magnetron to produce microwaves that reflect within the metal component of the oven. And as the food absorbs the heat, its water component vibrates, allowing it to cook faster. 

  1. Computer 

Charles Babbage was considered the official inventor of the computer back in the 1840s. The earliest version consisted merely of a metal gear with switches or hardware designed to perform mathematical operations for military purposes only. 

The advent of microprocessors made computers accessible to the public. Since then, it has revolutionized our standard way of living. Consumers, businesses, and organizations mostly rely on computers. And even the smallest aspects of society are influenced by computer technology. 

As of today, it remains an essential element of our lives. People play, while the computers work and the world revolves. Computer technology is expected to evolve and develop over the years, and it will definitely have a significant impact on society. 

Appliances are designed to improve the quality of life by making household chores more convenient for us. And as the technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more advanced appliances in the future. 


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