Water has no color and odourless substance, and it requires for the survival of all living beings. It is derived from various sources, like lakes, rivers, oceans and streams and uses at multiple places. Water is taking almost 71% of the earth’s surface. On earth, it continually moves through the water cycle. This cycle has various stages that are evaporation and transpiration, precipitation, condensation and runoff. Water is used in many ways and is very important for all living beings.

Water, known as the universal solvent, plays an essential role in the survival of various forms of life on earth. It is used for multiple purposes, like drinking, cleaning, cooking, washing and bathing. When people use the water for drinking purpose, then there is a need to clean the water by some home techniques or via various water purifiers. In the market, multiple companies exist, but aquasure is the best one because aquasure water purifier customer care number helps the customers for any need at any time. In addition to these domestic uses, the most significant amount of water is used in the agricultural sector mainly for irrigation purposes.

Everyone knows the advantages of the water and also knows their life without the presence of water but still people around the world, waste the water at an extreme level, the majority of people doesn’t know that what amount of water they need in their daily life’s, they spend the water in huge quantity.

The technique which is used for irrigation in many parts of the world is ancient and mundane and always causes huge water losses. Majority of industries make use of a large amount of water, and at last, they end up throwing the waste materials into the water without knowing that water deterioration will lead to their loss.

Many cities, states around the world face a water shortage problem, and many more cities and states are likely to suffer this problem in the future very soon, because of daily pollution rains are not coming on their times, so there is a shortage of natural rains and due to this water cycle is not followed correctly. Now it is the high time for the government to take useful measures to store and save water.

Different water sources

Some water sources are obvious, such as lakes and rivers, while others, such as glaciers, are a little further away from the everyday experience. People who live near the river or any other water source they less known the fact that water resource is in danger. All people have to understand that water sources which have fresh water are limited, or now they have less available water for drinking purpose. Amount of water on earth, very little is suitable for consumption. Latest research and technologies are looking for answers to this dilemma.

  • Groundwater refers to any water source which locates under the soil layer, and the water is existing in the soil or between rocks and other materials in the earth. Majority of communities acquire their water from underground aquifers, or rock formations capable of containing large quantities of fresh water. Researchers proof that only 3 percent of the water on earth is referred to as clean water and only 30 percent of that small amount is set up as groundwater. Pollution of seawater and excessive use make threats to this valuable resource.
  • Surface water sources can include any collection of water on the ground, like rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans. Underground aquifers also feed some surface water sources. Surface water represents 80 percent of the water used by humans.
  • Ocean water makes up almost 97 percent of all the water on earth, it is not a good source of drinking water because it contains the salt and other impurities and these impurities are not suitable for health. In the desalination process, salt is eliminate removed from the water, is a speedily growing practice. In this process forces the salt water via filters with microscopic pores that eliminate salt and other impurities. Reverse osmosis requires large amounts of energy with high pressure of water, so it is a very costly process to clean the water.
  • Only the 3 percent of the land’s water considered as a freshwater, 70 percent of that small amount of water is currently locked in glaciers in theory, frozen glacial water and ice sheet could melt and use, but the amount of energy, resources needed to dissolve and transport large amounts of ice makes it economically not possible. Glaciers and ice caps also play an essential role in the regulation of earth climates and global temperatures, so their preservation is necessary.

Water is essential for the survival of humanity, but it is waste at high speed all over the globe. Everyone should give their share to save water. While water is available in the land in abundance, the quantity that uses for various domestic, agricultural and industrial uses is limited. It is necessary to use it intelligently to ensure that it reaches everyone and is also available in abundance for generations to come.

The government must use effective techniques to save water and equally distribute the water among all the cities or states across the country. Various source of water is available on the earth, but only a small amount of water is available for drinking purpose, and water is the necessity for everyone. There is a need to clean, and pure the water, which further used for drinking purpose, for this variety of technique is available, and people must use these techniques. Two essential techniques’ are there one is home techniques and others use the purifiers.

Majority of people uses the purifiers because home techniques take lots of time. In the market various brands are available, but people have taken the specific brand which is economical and for service purpose is excellent, so aquasure is the cheap brand and offers multiple services regarding clean, exchange purifier. It also provides aquasure ro customer care helpline number for help.