What Collection Lawyers in New York Can Do for You


The best New York collection lawyers ensure all their clients are given the best and most aggressive debt collection services possible. They will use phone calls, emails, and mailers to collect the money owed to you. By layering communications, they make sure each client knows what they must pay. Keep reading to know what they can do for your business:

Getting Old Accounts Closed

If you have some old accounts, you can hand them over to a collection attorney. They will review these accounts and determine a fair payment amount. Then, they will start an aggressive collection process and add these accounts to their everyday routine.

With an attorney’s assistance, you don’t need to contact old clients, send letters, and send emails yourself. They will speak to old clients authoritatively and let them understand that nonpayment is a serious matter. They will use your name brand and authority to convert the seriousness of the situation and work with your old vendors continuously until you get paid.

Respecting your Decision to Give Discounts

If you want to offer a discount on the total amount owed, your attorney will add the discount to any applicable account. You can make this decision if the client insists that they don’t have money to pay. Also, giving a discount is may help if a client wants to do business with you again. But, you are not obligated to decrease the value of any delinquent accounts. If you are firm about getting the entire amount back, your lawyer will take the obligation of your contract seriously. They will continue to do their job for you until they have collected on the account. Most collection attorneys give you a contingency fee program that your business can afford. Thus, they only get paid if they successfully collect an amount from your past-due client.

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