What is Cloud Office and How It Will Help Your Business in 2022?


Remote work, cloud usage, and digital processes are now part of our daily lives. This shift in how we live and work has resulted in more organizational agility and a happier (and more productive) workforce. We use email to send key messages, communicate on Slack, save files in Box, and execute business-critical activities much more quickly than before. However, chinks have begun to develop in this cloud-first armor.

Email hacks today are laser-focused and elude standard detection by exploiting human nature. Attackers are increasingly investigating their targets before sending socially engineered emails, moving beyond mass-phishing and malware payloads.

What is Cloud Office?

Your day-to-day in the cloud is the cloud office. It’s a new platform for email, documents, messaging, and calendaring, but it’s also about connection, collaboration, centralization, and having options about where and when you work.

It’s difficult to differentiate the cloud office from cloud office solutions—the most popular of which are Google for Work and Microsoft Office 365—because the systems, while providing cloud-based infrastructure, also enable this new style of communications and collaboration.

What is Cloud Office Security?

While cloud security systems have concentrated on securing every possible layer, the most targeted layer is also the most disregarded – the human layer. To secure the human layer across office applications, a new layer of security rules has arisen. Enough with the preamble; let us now discuss cloud office security.

Processes and technology that safeguard people and data across any communication and collaboration channel are referred to as cloud office security. Email, chat, file-sharing, and video interactions are just a few of the avenues available.

Difference between cloud security and cloud office security?

Methods and technology that safeguard people and data across any communication and collaboration channel are referred to as cloud office security. Email, chat, file-sharing, and video interactions are just a few of the avenues available.

Every cloud security layer contributes to the detection and response to this multi-pronged assault, but the entire campaign was enabled because adversaries were able to phish an employee’s credentials and move laterally to their Box account. In such instances, cloud office security solutions are designed to identify and respond to the threat entry point.

Benefits of Moving To Cloud Office:

Increased Collaboration Possibilities:

Cloud office suites provide your users with a myriad of methods to collaborate. Documents and information may be changed, read, and interacted with by numerous people when stored in a centralized, cloud-based repository such as SharePoint Online. Apps like Microsoft Teams enable users to work, communicate, and collaborate in real time, regardless of their location or device.

Extra or expandable storage:

Most cloud office suites provide increased storage capacity per user as an enticing feature. Indeed, Office 365 gives each user a hefty 1TB of storage space via OneDrive for Business (which can be easily expanded to 5TB), but Google G Suite provides 30GB per person as usual.

Integrated Communication Solutions:

Messaging apps like Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts make it simple to start and sustain ongoing conversations and real-time meetings, which can be readily connected with appropriate content resources to give a significantly richer meeting experience.

Convenient to Control Security:

Thanks to cloud office solutions like Office 365 that include DLP, IRM, encryption, archiving, e-discovery, legal holds, two-factor authentication, and email governance built into their primary applications, attitudes toward the cloud’s security capabilities have shifted from skepticism to optimism.

Improved Smartphone App Benefit:

Users are increasingly expecting access to productivity tools on tablets and smartphones, allowing them to work when away from the office. Modern cloud office suites respond to this difficulty by providing optimized mobile apps that are meant to provide continuous working experiences.

Final Thoughts:

The cloud office has an impact on every aspect of the company, from how IT departments are handled to how users operate. Yes, these changes bring with them new dynamics and difficulties, but they also bring with them new possibilities, solutions, and industries that will totally reshape the IT environment.

So far, we’ve just seen the top of the iceberg, as evidenced by figures, estimates, and adoption indicators. In the next few years, ninety percent of enterprises should be functioning in the cloud, and there’s no doubt that this new method of working will quickly become the norm.

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