What is Dark Web?


The websites that are public but can’t be directly accessed through search engines like Google are referred to as the Dark web sites.

These websites require specific authorization and software to be accessed. All these sites together constitute the Dark Web. These darknetwebsites are not indexed by the popular search engines and they also hide their IP address.

The Dark Web sites use tools like I2P or Tor to hide their identity. You might have heard that Dark Web is actually hidden but this is not true.

The websites of Dark Web are actually publically accessible but they hide their IP addresses.

This means that anyone can access them but not with ease. It is very difficult to locate the IPs of these sites or by whom they are being run.

The dark web is mostly used for black marketing and smuggling. It is most famous for supplying drugs and medicines illegally and promoting child pornography.  

Other than this there are some deep web links that deal in various kinds of guns and ammo.

Almost each and every site of Dark Web hides their identity, i.e. IPs using Tor encryption tool. They encrypt their data and IPs to hide their identity and that’s the reason they are not indexed by search engines like Google and Bing.

You can use Tor to hide your identity as well so that nobody tracks you while accessing these Dar Web sites.

Using this tool your location appears to be of some different country and that too changes frequently. This is what is done by those site owners as well. This works almost similar to what a VPN does.

Thus we can conclude that you can easily visit a website of Dark Web but it is very difficult to find out the information on that site or by who it is being owned.

Some news and media publishers claim that Dark web comprises of the 90% of the Internet that is hidden and is kind of a vast and secret underworld of the Internet. But now you might be confused by this fact.

The Dark Web neither is both technically that vast and secret nor comprises 90% of the Internet. Instead, the Dark Web is the collection of Darknet websites that are not publically visible and hide their IP addresses so that they are not indexed by search engines like Google.

Now you have a clear idea about the Dark Web and how it does not comprise the majority of the Internet. To access thosesites, you can get the Tor encryption tool and have a full idea how you can access the Dark Web. For better understanding click here to check step by step guide to access the dark web

So next time if anyone tries to fool you about Dark Web ignore them because you know very well what dark web is and how Tor encryption is used for hiding the identities.

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