What Should You Ask a Car Detailer Before Handing the Keys Over


Car detailing can give your car a fresh look and extend its lifetime. It helps prevent any oxidation and corrosion. And you’ll get a better protection cover to save it from damage. It is essential to choose the best car detailer who can use the proper technique and expertise for the job.

You have to ensure that they can provide quality services. To gauge this, make sure to ask the below questions before you hand over your car keys:

What is Included in Your Complete Car Detailing Package?

You need to ask car detailers about their detailing services. Many professional car detailers offer service packages. It generally includes several detailing services according to your car’s needs. However, you cannot simply accept such services. You need to know in detail what it includes.

At times, it may include some services that you may not require, for which you will end up shelling out extra money unnecessarily. Another factor you need to ensure is that the service includes all the detailing that your car requires. Ask car detailers all the details to help you determine if those will be the right fix.

Which Equipment and Products Will You Use?

Professional detailing tools and products will deliver the best results. You need to make sure that your detailer uses them. Usually, heavy-duty degreasers and cleaners are some of the popular equipment that performs efficiently. Some may utilize steam cleaners as well.

It is always best to research ahead to know the best tools and products for car detailing. With this knowledge, ask your detailing service which ones they use. If they match the efficient tools, you can go ahead with them. Additionally, make sure to look for these tools when you visit them.

Do You Provide Paint Correction and Protection?

Even when you do not intend to go for car polishing, this is a good question that you may ask. It can give you a better idea of which category the detailer belongs to. If they cannot provide any machine polishing, it may indicate that they are production-level detailers at best.

They may not be good with higher levels of car detailing if your car has much damage. If they do provide such services, check whether they have accreditation from coating companies.  

Will You Use Any Chemicals While Cleaning the Car?

Car detailing has come a long way to ensure the safe cleaning of your vehicles. However, it is best to make sure that your car detailer uses newer methods to protect your vehicle. You can ask them if they use any chemicals in the process. If they do, ask them which type of chemicals they use.

Some detailers still use hydrofluoric acid for removing water spots. While it does remove them, it can also damage your car’s coating. Moreover, it is harmful to your health. Ensure that car detailers employ only safe practices.  

It is essential to choose the right car detailing service for your vehicle. You can make sure that you are hiring an efficient service by asking the above questions. They can help in determining if such services work well for your car.

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