Men working at ranches are always glamorized — thanks to the representation of cowboys in cinemas. So when selecting men’s work shirts, ensure the ones you buy do justice to that image. Here, learn about some of the things you should check before purchasing work shirts.

Type of Shirt

There are different types of shirts available for men working at ranches. Before buying a work shirt, you should look at the type. You’d want to stay comfortable and well-protected by the shirt. Some of the most popular types of shirts available are:

  • Half-button shirt

As the name suggests, the shirts have buttons only until their half-length. The benefit of the design is you don’t have to spend too much time with the buttons. Just put on and get to work.

  • Full-button shirt

As opposed to half-button shirts, the full-button counterparts have buttons over the complete length of the shirt. These shirts look more formal and fit well.

  • Full-sleeve shirt

This type of shirt entirely covers your arms. So if you need protection for your arms, you can go for full-sleeve shirts.

  • Half-sleeve shirt

Half-sleeve shirts don’t cover the entire length of your hands but end towards the elbow length. They offer flexibility for movement.

  • Hi-Vis

Hi-Vis or high visibility shirts are designed to be visible from afar. They are highly luminescent and are easily distinguished from the background.

You should pick the shirt that fits your bills.


At the ranch, chores are usually demanding and require a high degree of movement. Therefore, it’s worth checking the fabric for its stretchability. It should be stretchable enough to aid your workflow at the ranch.

You can check for the fabric. Knits, spandex, latex, and neoprene rubber are some of the most stretchable materials. The cotton blend also offers excellent stretchability.

So by looking at the fabric, you can determine how stretchable the shirts are.

Quality and Durability

Farmlands can be a harsh place to work at. So generally you should look for the durability of the shirts you buy. You should ensure the fabric will last long and resist the bruises and dusty atmosphere.

The fabric matters the most. So, look at the material first. Cotton drill fabric is one of the best fabrics that are durable and flexible. It is pure cotton with a strong twill weave. This also benefits the texture and makes it smooth.

If the shirt has sun protection, it’s even better. It guards you from UVA and UVB rays and prevents sunburn.

Latest Fashion Trend

Who doesn’t want to be in fashion? Even if you’re working at a rural ranch, it helps to follow the fashion trend and dress accordingly.

The outfit has changedover the years. Western shirts and western jeans are always in fashion. You can select loose shirts that are light on the body.


Last but not least, you should look at the price. You shouldn’t buy cheap shirts, but you shouldn’t go for overpriced items either. Try to strike a balance between quality and price. But if you feel the quality is worth the price, then you should grab that shirt.

When shopping for men’s work shirts online, it’s crucial to buy from reputed vendors. Also, ensure they have a return policy in place. If you end up receiving a faulty or a different shirt, you can safely return it.