What Should You Know About Choosing and Wearing Suspenders?


Suspenders, also known as braces in some parts of the world, have long been a staple in men’s fashion. Though once a purely functional accessory designed to keep trousers up, they have evolved into a fashionable statement that can add a distinctive touch to any outfit. This article will guide you on what you should know about choosing and wearing men’s braces so that you can confidently incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Understanding the Basics

Types of Suspenders

Suspenders generally fall into two categories: clip-on and button. Clip-on suspenders attach to the waistband of trousers with metal clips. They are easy to put on and remove and can be worn with any type of trousers. Button suspenders, on the other hand, require buttons sewn into the waistband of the trousers for attachment. They are seen as more traditional and sophisticated.

Material and Width

Suspenders are made from a variety of materials, including silk, leather, and elastic. The choice of material largely depends on the occasion and the overall outfit. The width of suspenders also varies, with wider options offering a more casual and rugged look and thinner ones presenting a more formal and refined appearance.

Choosing the Right Suspenders

Matching with Your Outfit

It’s crucial to match your suspenders with the rest of your outfit. As a rule of thumb, the material of your suspenders should complement your tie. If you’re not wearing a tie, consider your outfit’s overall style and colour palette.

Size and Fit

Suspenders should be adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit. They should hold up your trousers at your natural waistline and not be too tight or loose.

Patterns and Colors

Solid colours are versatile and can be easily matched with various outfits. Classic colours like black, navy, and grey are always safe choices. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, patterned and brightly coloured suspenders can add a pop of personality to your outfit.

How to Wear Suspenders

The Rule of One

Remember, suspenders serve the same function as belts- holding up your trousers. Therefore, you should never wear suspenders and a belt simultaneously.

The Y and X Back

Suspenders come in two styles, Y-back and X-back, named for the shape they make at the back. Y-back suspenders merge into a single strap at the back, while X-back suspenders have two separate straps. The choice between Y-back and X-back largely depends on personal preference and the style of your outfit.

Button or Clip

If your trousers have buttons for braces, button suspenders are the way to go. For trousers without buttons, clip-on suspenders are a convenient choice. However, if you’re a fan of the classic style, you can always add buttons to your trousers for button suspenders.

The Etiquette of Wearing Suspenders

While men’s braces have become stylish accessories, they were traditionally considered underwear, so etiquette rules dictated that a jacket should cover them. However, contemporary fashion rules are less strict, and suspenders can be worn independently for a retro or edgy look.

Suspenders for Different Occasions

Casual Wear

For a casual, relaxed look, pair wide, patterned suspenders with jeans or chinos. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colours and materials like leather or woven fabrics.

Formal Wear

For formal events, thinner, solid-coloured suspenders are your best bet. Silk or satin suspenders in classic colours like black or white are timeless choices.

In Conclusion

Suspenders are versatile accessories that can add a unique touch to any casual or formal outfit. Choosing the right suspenders and wearing them correctly can elevate your style and make a powerful fashion statement. So why not give suspenders a try? You might find that they become your go-to accessory for adding personality and flair to your wardrobe.

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