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What to Do After Pest Control Services


So you’ve just had you annual pest control treatment done in your home and are wondering what you should expect over the next week or so. Or you are wondering whether there is anything you can do now that your home has been treated.

The good news is that you are not alone. Many homeowners often wonder about the same too. It only makes sense to want to know what to do once the treatment is over, to not compromise the treatment and also ensure that you and your loved ones are safe.

This article will discuss what you can expect after a pest treatment as well as the things you should do or be aware of after the process – to ease your mind a little bit.


Before the pest control experts come to your place, it’s important to deep clean your entire house. This will not only make the area neat, but also help the pesticide to bind well, consequently improving the effectiveness of treatment. After pest control services, you shouldn’t wipe the surfaces as frequently. The perimeter treatment is often meant to last about 30 to 90 days regarding protection. So, you may vacuum or sweep to maintain hygiene, but preserve the perimeter-sprayed area for best results.

Pest activity

It’s normal to want to see all pests dead after the pest control, but this is never the case. In fact, you’ll be shocked to notice an increase in pest activity following treatment – this is entirely normal. The experts dust the roof void, weep-holes, and all openings, so you should expect to see a lot of activity of pests coming out and dying. Over time, this activity will cool down, and things will go back to normal – of course, without the pests.

Children and pests

If you have kids or pets in your home, it’s safe to put them outside during the pest control. The good thing is that it takes about 30 minutes for the pest control products to dry. And since new solutions are odor free and dry off so fast, you won’t have to worry about an airborne smell or reside. But since kids and pets are more sensitive, it may be a good idea to keep them out longer.

Eat veggies and fruits regularly

When you have vegetables and fruits at your home, don’t let them ripe instead eat them on regular intervals so that they may not be the invitation to flies and wasps. Once you have taken the pest control services, its important to take more care in such things.  The ripe veggies and fruits normally are the main cause of pests in a home.

Store the firewood in a proper manner

You shouldn’t be taking care of the things which can give termites an invitation. If you have any firewood at your home, keep it away at someplace from your home as much as possible for you because this firewood is the house of termites.  The minimum distance which you should keep from the firewood is five feet and if it’s not possible for you to attain, you can keep them somewhere above the ground level.

Try not to throw meat scrap in garbage

Meat scraps shouldn’t be thrown out in garbage unless you are sure that your garbage will be picked up in less than 48 hour. The reason behind this is that the rotten meat when is exposed to harmful sun rays produces fast reproducing unwanted pests which cannot be controlled easily.

Do inspect outdoor furniture and swings if there are any

If you have any outdoor swings and furniture at your home, do check it regularly. Check the corners of swings and also the chains to detect any egg sacks or spider webs present there. If you find any webs or sacks, remove them immediately. If you find these sacks and webs repeatedly, must contact a pest control service provider.

Keep the outside out

Don’t forget that you cannot bring the outside stuff inside because it could have the chances of germs and pests. Keep the outside toys outside and don’t take the inside toys outside as well. If it’s necessary to bring something inside, you need to clean it properly first. Mostly the outside stuff have pests on it and when it’s taken inside, the pests get a way to your home and even a single pest enters there, it takes the least time in reproduction.  

Keep a regular check

Once you have conducted a pest control at your home, it is not necessary that you won’t do a pest control again because these pests and insects reproduce in no time. You yourself need to keep a proper check always and if you find something doubtful must contact a pest control service. Sometimes you cannot find the pests but that doesn’t mean that they are not present. So it’s important to conduct a professional check once in six months so that your home could be kept free from these harmful pests.

In situations like check, check each and every corner of your home. These pests are normally found in kitchens and on furniture. You need to take extra care if there are kids around.

False alarm

Many homeowners blow out of proportion when they still realize pest activity in their home a week or two after pestheir home. However, there is no need for alarm. As stated earlier, there is always an increase in pest activity following treatment. This might go on for a while, but it will decrease with time before it all goes away, the reason being it takes time for the pests to come into contact with the treatment solution. But this is only true when you work with a reputable pest control company.

Top companies like Responsible Pest Control are known to get it right the first time. So, you won’t have to worry about pests running around your home after treatment – these are often the kicks of a dying horse.


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