Being fired from your job can really ruin your day.  Most people struggle with feeling anger, rejection, dejection, and failure.  It’s not the best situation to experience, but there’s plenty of hope for the future.  

Experiencing being fired isn’t fun, but it will teach you something.  You’ll learn something about yourself along the way, and be a better employee for the next employer.  Now, take a deep breath, and read through a few things to jumpstart your new future.

Don’t suppress the freakout

Lost your job is a huge deal, and it’s okay to chalk it up as a bad day.  The mistake is made when you try and act like nothing happened, or when you try to act like being fired didn’t evoke emotion.  

Don’t deny your emotional response, but don’t do anything rash either.  Go home, and cry if you have to. The point is to allow yourself to feel your emotions without being destructive to your life.  

Evaluate whether or not your release was just

After calming your emotions, it’s important to evaluate whether or not your release was just.  If you have been fired for a nefarious reason, you may have the grounds for legal action.  There are laws in place to protect your employment rights, and now is the time to evoke that protection.  

There are an array of different situations which could be determined unjust in a court of law, but you’ll have to know about them to plead your case.  Educate yourself on your employee rights, and stay in the know.

Don’t sign your severance yet

When you’re offered a general release to sign, don’t sign it right away.  Once you’ve legally endorsed the release, you have legally agreed to the terms.  

You may be in a better situation if you allow your lawyer to look over the terms first.  You also may have the opportunity to negotiate a better disbursement.

File for unemployment benefits

Now that your main source of income has ceased to exist, you will need supplemental funding.  Apply for unemployment benefits. Once you are approved for benefits, you will have a little bit of money rolling in to keep your head above water.  

Your unemployment benefits won’t last forever though.  You will need another job as soon as possible to secure financial safety for yourself and your family.  

Start looking for another job

Start looking for another job as soon as you can pull yourself together.  Update your resume, and get back out in the ring for round two. Getting fired is terrible, but your life will go on.  Try looking at your discharge as an opportunity. You are now free to go after the job you’ve always wanted.