What to Know About an EB2 Visa?


An EB2 visa is an immigration option for those who have an exceptional ability or advanced degrees. It gives an individual a U. S. green card based on having a job offer from a company based in the United States. This second preference employment visa is granted every month, so applicants don’t need to apply for it at a specific time of year.  But because there are more visa applicants than visas available every year, you want to explore all possible ways to secure one for yourself. This is where a Dallas Business Immigration Attorney can help you. 

Benefits of the EB2 Visa

With this employment visa, you may become a permanent resident in the U. S. As a permanent resident in the country, you can benefit from easier travel, in-state college tuition, and a more stable immigration status. Also, the visa can be a tool you need if you are looking to become a U.S. citizen. There are different citizenship requirements for different parts of the world. Portuguese residency by investment is a famous way to get EU citizenship.

Moreover, the EB2 visa gives your spouse and unmarried children under 21 the eligibility to come to the U. S. Your kids can attend school while your spouse can complete the Employment Authorization Documents to be eligible to work in the country. 

How to Get the EB2 Visa

The requirements for the EB2 visa depend on the category (EB2-A, EB2-B, and EB2-C). Your immigration lawyer can help you determine if you satisfy these requirements. With an EB2-A and EB2-B, you must have a job offer. You don’t need this offer and a sponsor with an EB2-C visa. But, it is important to show that granting the visa is in the country’s national interest. Thus, you need to have the capacity to benefit the U. S.  

There are a lot of documents that are required to apply for an EB2 visa. These include evidence of academic degrees, letters from field experts, articles or publications by or about you, evidence of grants or patents, letters from current or previous employers, and copies of contracts between you and your employer. The time it takes to process your EB2 visa application will depend on a lot of factors including the time you apply, your country of origin, and your specific case.


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