What to Think About Before Buying a Kids Scooter


You always want to see your kids happy and when it comes to buy new things, big or small for the kids, it makes you excited as well. You are always on the hunt to buy the best for your kids. It is the same feeling while buying a scooter for your kid. As there are several choices, you might find it difficult to buy the best scooter for your kid. Here are some terms that you must consider while buying a kids scooter:

The Types of Kids Scooter

It is important to first look into the purpose your kid will be using the scooter for. There is a wide range of kids’ scooters available in the market and selecting the best kids scooters can double your child’s joy. The first plastic scooter that kids generally use, have three or four wheels. Since toddlers can’t balance easily, these types of scooters with extra wheel are best to start with. If your child is a bit grown up then folding scooters can prove the best buy as they can be folded easily. For the growing children, scooters with adjustable handlebars can prove a smart choice. The adjustable handles can be adapted according to the growth of your child and can be used for a long time.

Electric scooters

Electric scooters with modern technology are also available for grown up children. These scooters have motors that run on batteries and children enjoy these scooters immensely as getting around becomes easier and faster. These scooters require charging but that is also very quick. A little risk factor is associated with these scooters but grown up kids can handle that. Children, who want to have some adventure in life, can go for stunt scooters. These scooters go well with older children as the scooter’s sturdy structure does not let your child fall down during a stunt.        

Scooter Wheels

It becomes important to consider the size of the wheels, their diameter, and material while buying a kid’s scooter. The standard sized scooters have 100/110 mm diameter of wheels which is considered good for touring or doing stunts. This is the general size found almost in all the scooters but you may find some special sizes also to serve particular purposes. For a grown up child, you must buy scooter having 120 mm diameter wheels as they are comfortable to navigate. They go faster even with a little push and are safer as well. They are able to absorb the shock on a crack or a bump and cruise better even on an uneven surface.

The Bearings

Looking into bearing performance of a scooter is also important. The bearing number normally ranges from ABEC-1 to ABCE-5. ABCE-5 is considered as the best bearings but ABCE-3 is also fine for kid’s scooters.

Along with all the mentioned points, looking for a wider wheel deck will be good. The wider the deck, the strong is the scooter as children can balance easily on these scooters.      

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