What Use does The Magnetic Loop Offers


Being hard of hearing is also a handicap, even if it is invisible. To assist people with hearing loss, your ERP can equip a Magnetic Induction Loop (BIM) or auditory loop. This will help people to understand you without being disturbed by ambient noise or distance. You will find everything you need to know about this device in this article. The use of the boucle d’induction magnétique comes easy now.

The magnetic loop, what is it?

The magnetic loop is a listening aid for hearing-impaired people who have a hearing aid . It produces a magnetic field to produce a signal for hearing aids. When the reception is sounded, the counter is equipped with a system of acoustic signal transmission by induction, whose position is indicated by a pictogram. There are also systems with a simple sound amplifier for people who are not paired.

How does it work? 

  • When a person speaks in a microphone, or a sound is broadcast (in a theater for example), the sound is transmitted to an amplifier and then to a conductor (cable). The waves broadcast by the driver are picked up by the hearing aids of the hearing impaired. The sound is dissociated from the surrounding noise and echoes and seems closer.
  • The reception desks of establishments receiving public or ERP fulfilling a public service mission as well as establishments receiving ERP public of 1st and 2nd categories are necessarily equipped with such a loop of magnetic induction . Since April 20, 2017, the welcome desks of the ERP of 3rd and 4th categories new or being the subject of a development are also obligatorily equipped with a auditory loop .
  • In premises open to the public, equipment and furniture must be identifiable by means of lighting or visual contrast. The position of the control devices must be indicated by visual or tactile contrast. The pieces of information must be visible, legible and understandable.

The installation of a magnetic induction loop for a reception desk is not complicated: we provide you with magnetic loops to put directly on your counter.

Why a magnetic loop?

The goal is to compensate for the problems related to distance and ambient noise, which add to the person’s hearing problems, totally disturbing his listening.

Hearing impairment is an invisible handicap and many people with disabilities do not declare their disability. As a result, he has long remained a poor relative in terms of accessibility and the response to be made to overcome this deficiency. Today, many solutions exist to support people with hearing disabilities in their daily actions and allow them to be fully citizens. They are too little known. It is essential to become familiar with these to make it a tool in the service of communication.

For example, the magnetic induction loop (BIM), a magnetically transmitted audio transmission device, enables hearing-impaired people to compensate for their disability: the BIM separates useful information from ambient noise.


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