What Way Should You Give Your Dog Treats?


Below given are five ways that should help you know and decide the right kind of natural pet treats for your dog:

  • Does the dog have a delicate stomach?

Pets who have delicate bellies can get diarrhea or vomiting from consuming a lot of Dog Treats. This can additionally occur if the treats contain allergens. Diarrhea is typical as a result of high protein concentration.

If your canine gets the runs from consuming high healthy protein treats, provide him/her 2-3 day of rests and after that reintroduce slowly. As alluring as it is to give them an increasing number of treats, your puppy will be far better off with much less.

  • Is the treat a dental chew?

This is an incredibly crucial factor. If the treats you are feeding are dental chews, then there is no demand for greater than 2-3 treats daily. You wouldn’t brush your teeth even more than that, so why would you for your pet.

  • Is your pet a fussy eater?

Pets are instinctively seekers. In the wild, their ancestral loved ones might have, in some cases gone with days before obtaining a meal.

However, these days, dogs have an abundance of food, and for a lot of dogs, the drive behind appetite becomes a meaningless exercise. If your pet is a fussy eater, this is something you wish to take into consideration when it comes to deal with frequency.

  • Is your canine overweight?

If your veterinary doctor has informed you that your pet needs to shed a couple of kilograms, you must check the number of treats that you are feeding.

  • What size is your pet?

Lastly, check out the canine dimension. This is the top point to think about.

Following are the recommendations:

  • Large 45+ kg: 1-5 every day
  • Medium 25-45 kg: 1-4 every day
  • Small 0-25 kg: 1-3 per day
Mia Johnson
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