Your chompers are hugely important for your overall health because they permit you to chew as well as break down the preparation of food needed for your digestive tract. When you suffer from a toothache or if you have undergone a dental work then you must know that unhealthy teeth can cause you pain plus inconvenience. When you keep your teeth in tip-top shape and you eat foods which contribute to a strong and healthy smile, then you can prevent various problems over time and so, it becomes important to maintain healthy oral care practices. You must be mindful about the fact that your teeth have been produced from various materials and they are strong.

Your teeth are capable of handling different textures of food. The outer and hard portion of your teeth is known as enamel and it is produced from calcium phosphate. When damage is done to the layer of this tooth structure, then only a dentist will be able to fix it. Among many facts, it is a vital one that to keep your teeth healthy, you must eat foods which are rich in phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A and D, and magnesium. Additionally, you must make healthy choices of food. They will not only make you feel better but also contribute to your improved oral health all through your lifetime.

Foods that contribute to healthy teeth:

Deep green leafy vegetables – You should eat fiber-rich leafy green vegetables, like spinach and kale that contain B vitamins, like folic acid.

Cheese and yogurt – The job of these dairy products is to restore vital minerals which can be lost in your tooth.

Salmon and almonds – Both salmon and almonds are rich sources of Vitamin D and they are critical for your body to absorb various other required nutrients which aid your teeth, like calcium.

Carrots, apples, and celery – These foods perform their job as natural toothbrush meant for your gums and teeth by augmenting the saliva production.

What’s bad for your teeth

Sugar – You have to accept some facts like sugar is the most destructive thing for your teeth and oral health. For instance, a can of 330ml coke comprises an enormous 35g of sugar and this is equal to 9 teaspoons of sugar. The job of sugar is breaking down enamel. Additionally, you must brush your teeth twice a day and never forget to floss them. Again, you must select foods which neutralize the acid and increase saliva. It is highly important to take good care of your teeth so that they do take care of you.