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When Do You Need Neuropsychological Testing In Colorado Springs?


Colorado Springs is nestled on the high desert, about 60 miles south of Denver. It is considered the largest area in the state, with a population of around 500,000, as of 2019. 

Downtown Colorado Springs looks similar to any of the urban areas around the country. It has the same generic buildings, traffic lights, streets, and parks. 

But visitors do not go there just to stay in their hotels. Although the city is a launchpad for a unique vacation that will see them trying to tame the rapids, feed giraffes at the Cheyenne zoo, as well as get selfies at the Garden of the Gods of Manitoba Springs, it is also a hub for mental health services.

There are many people that flock to centers that perform neuropsychological testing in Colorado Springs. They are designed tasks that are used to measure psychological functions known to be linked to a certain brain structure or pathway.

A significant number of tourists are not aware that Colorado Springs has many professionals offering neurofeedback treatment. The procedure is renowned for helping countless patients with mental illness. It is not surprising, of course, considering that there are an estimated 47.8 million adults in the United States experiencing some form of a mental health issue.

What is a Neuropsychological Assessment?

The evaluation will test your brain’s functions– from the optimal range and the below-optimal level. The values will provide comprehensive information on the functional and structural integrity of your mind. 

A typical assessment will have three steps:

  1. The professional will review all your medical records and medication
  2. Interviewing the patient or a family member
  3. The test procedure itself, which can last for hours

You will answer most of the test questions using a pen and paper. 

After the evaluation, you will be given an exhaustive report that summarizes where your brain functions have changed (cognitive and emotional). It will also include the recommended actions for you or your family to take.

When should you take one?

Typically, a patient will go to a place that does neuropsychological testing in Colorado Springs when there is a sudden change in behavior, memory, or thoughts. 

The typical examples would be:

  1. The person got into an accident causing injury to the brain
  2. The patient has Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s
  3. When the patient experiences symptoms of anxiety, depression, or PTSD
  4. As you grow older and you notice some changes in your brain functions

People with Parkinson’s usually take this type of test after they have been already diagnosed. The neuropsychological testing would then be crucial to determine how the disease is changing their specific thinking or motor skills.

Also, the neuropsychological evaluation is needed before or after the surgical procedure on the brain. The assessment is crucial to determine if the therapy is helping the patient’s normal mental functions.

This type of test is also necessary when the patient is a candidate for neurofeedback treatment. The procedure helps change the addicted person’s brain structure to manage the cravings and avoid relapse. Of course, this is only one example.

The test results will serve as the baseline for the doctors to determine if the therapy procedure they recommended is working. When you have to undergo deep brain stimulation, you will likely take multiple neuropsychological evaluations. The results will inform the professionals if they are on the right track or not.

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