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When to Have Your Carpets Cleaned


Carpet cleaning is a service you need if you have rugs and draperies adorning your house. And because carpets are a major component of your living space, you need to have them regularly serviced to keep them in pristine condition.

Carpets do not come cheap so keeping it clean will ensure that you can continue to use it for a long time. To keep your carpets and floor rugs clean, you need to hire the right cleaning service providers to maintain their look and condition. 

The need to have a carpet cleaning is essential to prevent the accumulation of dirt, which often causes an allergic reaction. Getting professional carpet cleaning services in Australia is the solution to help maintain your carpet’s quality and cleanliness. 

Potential Health Risks of Having a Dirty Carpet

One of the overlooked parts of your home are not the nooks and crannies but often the carpet. Carpets harbor allergens which can be the source of allergic reactions among children and even adults. 

Here are some health issues you might encounter with a dirty carpet:

  • Respiratory Problems. Molds, pet dander, dirt, and dust easily get trapped in the carpet fibers. Your daily cleaning routine, including vacuuming and walking over the carpet surface, loosens the dirt and spreads them in the air. Individuals with respiratory conditions may find themselves constantly suffering from coughing bouts or experience breathing difficulties. 
  • Allergies.  Dust mites and molds can aggravate an existing respiratory disorder and cause severe lung inflammation. Bacterial build-up on carpets often becomes the cause of allergic reactions, slowly progressing into a serious medical condition. Having professional carpet cleaning services in Australia ensures your rugs are free from disease-causing agents. 
  • Skin Irritations. Some of the early signs of a dirty environment are itchy skin, eczema, athlete’s foot, and constant rashes. Your dirty carpets can be the primary source of the problem, considering they can harbor many irritants. Having your carpets regularly cleaned and keeping your home environment spick and span removes these instances. 

The only way to keep your home environment thoroughly clean is to ensure that every part, including the carpets, is free from dust and bacterial build-up. Carpet cleaning ensures that your carpets are shampooed and dried to remove any possible cause of health risks. 

When Is the Best Time to Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

As a general rule, carpet cleaning should be done at least every 12 to 18 months. Although, the frequency of having your carpets cleaned varies depending on the  circumstance. If you have a rug located in high traffic areas, you can have them cleaned every 6 to 12 months to prevent dirt and bacterial build-up. 

You also need to consider your cleaning process, particularly if you have your carpets vacuumed every day. Loose particles are easier to remove, while deep-seated dirt and stains would require professional deep cleaning. 

To know when you should have your carpets serviced, you should also look at various external factors. If you have family members who constantly suffer from allergies or asthma attacks, it is much better to have your carpets cleaned every six months. 

If you have pets, it is also critical to have your rugs cleaned at least twice a year to prevent fecal matter, vomit, and urine from ruining your carpets. Also, consider young children who can smear, splatter, spill liquid and other staining agents into the rug.


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