Where Can I Get Harris County Bail Bonds?


If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find out how much your bail is set at. The judge in your case will decide this amount at your bail hearing. The amount of the bail bond will vary depending on what you have been charged with and what type of a flight risk you are.

In some cases, the price of bail can be expensive. You yourself may not be able to pay it to the court, so you may have to ask a friend or loved one to look into Harris County bail bonds for you.

What Is Are Harris County Bail Bonds?

The Harris County court wants you to promise that you will reappear in court after you have been released from jail. But simply having you sign a document is not enough. They want a financial guarantee that you will come back to your hearing. This is why bail bonds are used. Harris County bail bonds are financial sureties that you will return to court.

Again, it’s not uncommon for the bail to be set too high for you to pay directly out of pocket. Even asking a close friend or loved one to pay the full sum may be pushing it. If you can’t afford your own bail and your loved ones can’t either, you’ll need to speak with a bond agent or bail bondsman.

Bond agents or bail bondsmen have relationships with the court. You can pay bail bondsmen a specific percentage of the total bill amount, and they will sign a promissory document to the court, stating that they will pay the full bail amount if you do not show up to court.

One important note to remember here is that if you show up to all of your assigned court dates, and the case ultimately becomes closed, you will receive your bail money back. It is only if you do not show up to court that you will not receive your bail money back. It does not matter whether you are convicted of a crime or not. You simply have to show up to court at the assigned dates, and your bail money will be returned.

However, the percentage fee that you are required to pay to the bond agent will not be returned once the case is over. This is a nonrefundable fee you are paying to the bond agent for their services.

Naturally, bond agents do not want to pay the full amount of the bond, so they need to know that you or your loved one is going to make good on the full some if necessary. For this reason, you or your loved one can put up collateral for the full sum if you do not have it in cash. This may be a home, jewelry, or something else of value.

Do you need to know more about Harris County bail bonds? Speak to a bond agent in your area to learn more.

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