Why Bespoke Luggage and Thailand Are a Great Combination


The world we live in is one of contrasts, so it’s always exciting, not to mention educational, to visit a new country or city on our vacation. Thailand is one of the world’s most vibrant countries, and one that blends perfectly the ancient and the modern, so it’s a fantastic place to make your home and just as rewarding to spend time in on your vacation. When you’re visiting Thailand, a little preparation can ensure you have the perfect break, and using high quality bespoke luggage is always the perfect choice when you’re visiting Thailand.

A Treat for All the Senses

Thailand is a country like no other, so it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations for visitors from America and beyond, as well as a place that many choose to make their home. It’s a country where ancient and modern, the spiritual and the contemporary, live side by side. It’s also a country of geographical contrasts, with the golden beaches of its coastline leading inland to large and lively cities and then northwards to areas of jungles, waterfalls and mountains. It can also provide a dazzling treat for all the senses, from the sounds of gently running water and the hustle and bustle of urban life to the delights of Thai cuisine which has become renowned throughout the world for its flavor and heat.

Luxury Luggage with a Modern Twist

If you want stylish, high quality luggage that is perfect for a trip to Thailand, then the bespoke leather luggage from Ugly Bagz is an unbeatable choice. Made to the highest standards, it can withstand any amount of traveling, and once you arrive in Thailand, you’re going to want to do a lot of that. It also combines traditional craftsmanship and materials with incredibly modern and vibrant designs; making it a luggage representation of Thailand. The luggage is uniquely crafted for you, so you can choose exactly what you want it to look like, and that means that at the airport or hotel, you’ll be standing out for all the right reasons.

What to Carry in Your Thailand Luggage

Custom made leather luggage will help your Thailand vacation get off to an ideal start, but just what should you carry with you? Your passport and cards are a must of course; plastic is widely accepted in tourist areas, but if you’re traveling a little further afield, you may find it useful to have some of the local currency: the baht. Thailand has a warm climate, so pack t-shirts, shorts and sandals, but it can also rain, especially if you are journeying to the jungle regions, so carry a hooded coat too. Don’t forget your mobile phone, and it can be helpful to carry a supplementary energy pack for it because you’re sure to take lots of photos.

Bespoke leather luggage and a vacation in Thailand perfectly complement each other, combining practicality with a sense of the grand and beautiful. There’s so much to see and do in Thailand, from Bangkok to Phuket and Katiliya, that you’ll want to visit time and time again, so it’s good to have sturdy yet aesthetically pleasing luggage that can be relied upon every time you travel.

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