Why Choose a Tritoon Pontoon Boat?


If you are looking for a way to get your family or friends out on the water and you want a boat that can go from gently cruising down the waterway to pulling the kids behind you on a tube, purchasing a tritoon pontoon boat is the smart choice.  Whether you have a day planned fishing with the guys or fun in the sun with the family, the tritoon pontoon boat will provide years of enjoyment.

The Difference between a Traditional Pontoon and a Tritoon Pontoon

A traditional pontoon boat uses two pontoons underneath the boat to float and glide through the water.  A step-up from the traditional pontoon is the tritoon pontoon boat, which is as its name suggests, uses three pontoons to float.  Having this third pontoon makes a big difference in the way the boat can comfortably handle various activities while carrying a group of people.

With the third pontoon, the tritoon boat sits higher as well as it provides better stability in how steady the boat performs in the water.  Compared to a traditional pontoon boat, the tritoon can handle rough waters without giving a horribly bumpy ride.

A tritoon also has a larger engine than a traditional pontoon, which allows for fun activities such as skiing and tubing. Average speeds of how fast a tritoon can cruise are, on average, between 40 and 50 mph.

The Advantages

The advantage of owning a tritoon pontoon boat over other types of boats are numerous:

  • Family-Friendly:  The tritoon pontoon boat is ideal for families that have children.  Because there is ample space, families have room to spread out and be comfortable as well as still be able to invite friends and extended family to join in the fun. There are a variety of pontoon boats to choose from and on average, you can fit anywhere from 6 to 15 people comfortably.
  • A Variety of Uses:  With a tritoon boat, you can do a variety of activities that you may not be able to do with other types of boats.  The pontoon allows for fishing, skiing, slowly drifting around a lake and so it’s a boat that is not one-dimensional.
  • Built to Last:  Most accessories for pontoon boats are standard sized and so to repair, redo and refurnish, it’s not an “all or nothing” process.  You can make a repair or upgrade the couch or table without breaking the bank or having to special order custom size pieces.
  • Storage:  Because of the ample room on board, spacing coolers and bags throughout the boat doesn’t make the boat feel cramped.  The couches onboard lift up to provide storage as well.

The tritoon pontoon is a smart choice because of the way it performs well for a variety of activities.

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