Some people consider having a bathtub at home to be a luxury. But to the contrary, more and more homeowners equip their bathrooms with tubs for several reasons. There are several types of bathtubs, and each of them has distinct features. Are you looking into adding a bathtub to an existing bathroom or even outdoors? Then you should consider purchasing a whirlpool bath. It has features which other tub types do not have. Here are some excellent reasons why opting for a whirlpool is the best move.

Types of bathtubs

There are several types of baths, namely:

  • A soaking tub is deeper than most models, hence the name. You get to have a full soak with this type, especially when your body is tense and stressed.
  • A standard tub is the most common type of tub found in homes. It is typically 5 feet long, the perfect length for you.
  • A whirlpool tub has jets positioned directly where muscle groups are when a person lies in the tub. The jets have beneficial effects on the body and overall health.
  • A walk-in tub is perfect for bathers who have limited mobility. This type of tub is usually more expensive than the others. This tub reduces the risk of injuries for persons with limited mobility.
  • A combination tub is one that may have jets, and it can also be a soaking tub. If you can’t decide on the type of bath for your bathroom and want one with each of the other’s features, then opt for a combination tub.
  • An air tub is much like a whirlpool bathtub, but instead of water propelling the jets, it is air that makes water bubbles in the bath.

Whirlpool versus the others

For starters, a whirlpool tub has many health benefits, some of which are the following:

  • Improved blood circulation. The jets from the tub stimulate the nerves to provide better circulation of the blood in the entire body.
  • Stress relief. Our body receives stress and manifests it by way of body aches and pains. When you soak in a warm bath, the hot water relaxes the body, thereby relieving the stress that you are reeling from.
  • Muscle relief. When we engage in exercise and other strenuous activities, our muscles tighten as a way of coping with the onslaught of movement. Soaking for at least half an hour in a whirlpool will release the tension and knots in your muscles.
  • Good water pressure. The water pressure in a whirlpool is more powerful than in an air bath. When your body is tense, the water jets spew out high pressured water to target the muscle group and body part that needs attention.
  • Install it outside. You can place a whirlpool bath outdoors that you can share with other people so you can all have a relaxing massage in the water.

A bathtub, no matter the type, takes up a considerable amount of space, whether in the bathroom or outdoors. Make sure that you have the space to spare for the placement of your tub. Consult a professional installer on how you can make the area suitable for a bathtub.