Blogs of small businesses are a marketing tool. Some may think that marketing and sales are the same, but they aren’t. Sales are the process of getting the customer to buy; whereas, marketing is the position you create for your product, find the customers and decide how should you get them.

So, a blog shouldn’t be started in the hope that it will generate sales, rather you can hope to find your customers in your place, give them information, and position your value.

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Why People Go to Internet?

The fact is people don’t go to the internet only to buy stuff. The Internet is the greatest depo of information. When blogs simply push a product, a lot of dollars are spent in the advertisement, but some companies won’t provide any information.

So, a blog should offer what? Of course, relevant information that people want. And it should provide the information without any blockage.

Have to give to take

So, why is that you are an entrepreneur? This is because you want to be your own boss, because you want to do things better than others, or because you are an expert in your industry?

They all are right, or some of them are right, or nothing is right, but does it matter? You are already out there doing it. You are chasing your dream. The important thing is how good are you doing it?

So, distribute information for free. Let your readers know what you are learning and what you have learned, and regularly. After a while, you will find that you have a following of potential customers. Right now, they might not buy your product, but there will be a time when they need it, they will buy from you, or even if anyone asks for their recommendations, they will point to you.

Search Engines are grading you

There’s a lot of information on the internet. Actually, in 18 months the data made in the world gets doubled, and it is only speeding up. Search engines are made to be smart. After you have written your blog, the bots of the search engine put your writing through their algorithms. If your writing is perfect, with accurate grammar and spelling, and if the visitor’s likes, comments or shares, your grade goes up.

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