Why Should You Move Your Business to the Cloud


If you are a business owner and have not heard of “the cloud” by now, then you may not be making enough efforts to keep your business profitable. The popularity of cloud computing has continued to rise, and more and more businesses are switching their core business processes to cloud-based solutions. With giant technological companies teaming up with cloud solutions providers, such as the Wild Tech NetSuite partner, businesses are now more confident to shift their core business processes to the cloud. Here are some reasons why cloud-based solutions for businesses are on the rise. 

  • Savings. By switching to cloud-computing, startup businesses do not need to spend heavily on IT infrastructure that they have to store in their physical offices. With cloud-based solutions, companies can start small and increase their cloud-computing requirements along with their businesses’ growth. Without the cloud, companies will have to pay for storage space. Sometimes, companies will pay for storage spaces that are too large for their needs, and they will never use it. These companies end up wasting money on IT infrastructures that may get outdated before companies get a return on their investment. On the other hand, when companies choose to store their information and data using the cloud, they will no longer need to purchase physical infrastructure that they have to keep in environmentally-controlled conditions. 
  • Simplicity. Companies that switch to cloud-computing can easily switch to new software and solutions without undergoing a lot of steps. Conventionally, a business that wants to integrate new software in their business processes needs to purchase the software and its licences. Next, the company needs to purchase the hardware needed to host the new software. Some software solutions need proprietary hardware, which can be an added cost for the company. After purchasing the hardware and the new software, the company’s IT department will need to install and deploy the software to all the company departments. All these processes may be time-consuming and expensive for the company. 

On the other hand, cloud-based solutions can easily be implemented by a company. The company’s IT department will host the software on the cloud and deploy it to the different devices that your company uses. With cloud technology, the software is upgraded on the cloud, so all the company devices will be getting the latest updated software. With the simplification of new software deployment to different company departments and staff, the company’s IT team can focus on more pressing issues.

  • Mobility. Because you can access all your company’s data and applications on the cloud, you can freely go to any location as long as there is an internet connection. When you shift your business to the cloud, your field personnel will no longer have to look for computer shops to log in to their company accounts or carry bulky suitcases that contain external hard drives and equipment. With cloud-technology, company data and applications can be accessed using any smart device connected to the internet. 
  • Security. Not long ago, company owners were hesitant to switch their core business processes to the cloud in the fear that company data may not be secured. However, with reputable software solutions companies partnering with cloud solutions providers, such as the Wild Tech Netsuite partner, confidential company data are in good hands.

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