Womanhood today are either employed or running their own business. They are actively a part of the working class. Women feel more committed to their job than men. In fact, 48% of them have difficulty deciding to stay away from work even for just a few days, while 44% of men suffer the same thing.

Most women admit that anxiety, work stress, and uncertainty are some of the reasons why they are shying away from taking our well-deserved time off. 

Some women feel that if they leave their workplace even for just a moment, they would be running out of updates and discussions. They also think that taking a break means they are cheating the company on the money it is paying them. Women take their roles in the office quite seriously. 

According to a survey conducted on working women, at least 80% of them are not clear about the policy of their company regarding day-offs.

Approach Your HR and Know Your Benefits

Day-offs are the best fringe benefits you can get from your company. Insurance, health, and dental benefits are tremendous, but vacation leaves are better.

Still Having that Guilty Feeling?

If you are still having issues concerning applying for a day-off, then it is time to consult an expert. Someone who can motivate and guide you to take that break you needed badly. What you need is a life coach. You need Ulrika Sullivan. Life coaches profile your personality to find out what you need to do to change for the better. 

Ulrika Sullivan is a spiritual life coach assisting busy career women to search for their calm and well-being through self-awareness meditation. She has years of experience in the field which she can share at your disposal.

Self-awareness motivation calms your mind and makes you sensitive to what your body needs. It analyzes the signals of your body so you can have therapy before it is too late. Most life coaches utilize their own set of guidelines in implementing this.

Signs that Show You Need a Day-off

There are many ways the body of a woman would show that she needs a break. Here are some of them: 


Small concerns and issues in your workplace quickly get irritated. Even the drop of a pen or banging of the door can make you get out of your seat and shout.


Migraines are frequent headaches that are manifested by our body when it encounters stress. They do not quickly get away with a simple drug.

Lack of Energy

Women are ambassadors of their workplace. They are the parameters of how the company is doing. When they are happy, they perform better at work. When they lack energy, the work environment is gloomy.

What happens if I Don’t?

The consequences of not listening to your body are fatal. Stress brought about by overworking makes your heart, brain, and liver work harder. When they do, it may lead to sicknesses such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, mental diseases, and malfunctioning of the liver.

It is better to listen to your body now. Women should note that physiologically the body requires maintenance and rest, a perfect rest.

The money they earned would easily go to hospitalization and medication. Women should spend their lives wisely. Take a day-off now!