With the upsurge in DIY travel arrangements, does it still make sense to procure the services of a travel agent? Most avid travelers tend to think it does. Travel agents are skilled professionals who are in charge of making sure all your bookings are in order before you travel. They also go the extra mile to provide you with useful information to help you on your overseas trip. This includes language training, health concerns, and security measures to take.

Even for the most experienced traveler, planning a complicated trip is a daunting task. Consumers are increasingly finding themselves circling back to travel agents for help to plan their trips and here’s why:

They Can Save You Boatloads of Money

Travel agents have a couple of tricks up their sleeves that can save you money and add value to your trip. For example, a family of 6 traveling from Hong Kong to New York can save hundreds on air fare if they break up the number of passengers when booking. Travel agents know that booking three pairs for them is a better deal compared to the logical single booking of 6 the family would’ve made when planning on their own.

The Rise of New-age Travel Agents

To keep up with an ever-changing consumer engagement process, the new breed of agents has been forced to up its game. Besides facilitating a smooth travel experience, they also double as travel advisers who provide valuable insight and recommendations to help make your trip more memorable.

 Comparing all the options available to you when planning a trip requires sifting through loads of information. This could take days to finish and you might still not have a solid plan. A travel adviser is the best bet to help you with that. If you still want a hands-on involvement in planning your trip, you can use review sites and leave the heavy lifting to a reputable travel agency.

When Trouble Rears Its Ugly Head

A lot can go wrong during a trip that’s beyond your control. You can get stranded during a storm, get re-routed to another location or even have your flight cancelled at the last minute. Having a travel agent who has your back throughout the trip is a great way to avoid any of these hassles. They act like your own personal concierge service until you arrive at your destination.

Admit It. You’re Not an Expert in Planning Excursions

Not all trips are as easy as a planned visit to a neighboring state. Some are complex and require some level of expertise. Travel agents are trained and well-traveled and can open up your eyes to options you hadn’t considered before. Their extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of planning a successful trip are unparalleled. It doesn’t matter if your itinerary has you flying from Hong Kong to New York and finally to the Maldives, agents have the connections and resources to make the whole experience seamless.

The whole process of planning a trip is exhilarating. We talk about it with friends and family, cull through online review sites, and envision it being a success. Having an expert at hand to help you unclutter all the available options, and make the final decision is a huge bonus.