Winter is arguably the most unfriendly season for trees. The season comes with lots of winds and storms that often shakes tree roots and causes the tree to lose its balance, yank off its branches and uproot its trunks.

Winter also causes snow and icebuildup on tree branches. These piled up mass of ice often leads to the snapping off of branches. If you wish to avoid these mishaps on your trees during the winter season the following steps should be taken.

Before Winter

The first maintenance move in preparation for the winter season should be the inspection and trimming of your tree branches. Ensure that the inspections are carried out by an expert tree service provider with vast experience in the assessment of cracks, splits, disease, deadwood and a compromised root system.

Furthermore, make sure that there are no branches hanging over your roof, driveway or sidewalks. Trim any branch that is found in these areas to avoid damages that might occur if the branch yanks off the tree into your property. In addition, keep your branches thin enough for the winter wind to pass through. Your tree crown should be thinner by no less than 25%.

Remove any deadwood in order to avert the damages that could arise as a result of its fall. Also, don’t forget to get tree removal service personnel to remove any unhealthy sapling that is found in your surroundings.

During Winter

Don’t feel relaxed about your tree maintenance during the winter season. The fact that you have carried out pre-winter checks and maintenance doesn’t mean you should stop carrying out routine checks on the state of your trees. This is necessary because frequent checks will help you know if the previous wind, storm or rain shook the roots of your trees. You will also notice if any of its branches are dangling.

A DIY on your trees is actually not a bad idea especially after a storm or heavy rainfall but hiring a professional tree service company to assess the damages that occurred will serve as the perfect response to the situation. These professionals will ensure that every single tree in your home is properly checked and they will also repair or remove the damaged trees.

However, hiring a reputable tree service company is not something you should rush into. Hiring any company you come across might end up causing you more harm than good. Therefore, before hiring a company to handle your tree maintenance you will have to make concrete research about the tree service industry in order to get the best hand for the job. Ask for recommendations from landscapers, your friends and also from neighbours. You should also be able to get reviews from previous clients and get an idea of the quality of service that is on offer.

In conclusion, an arborist will offer your trees that exceptional level of care and maintenance that it requires to withstand all that winter throws at it.