Why You Should Work with an Experienced Lawyer When Charged with a Drug Offense


If you face a drug charge, it is essential to understand the complexities of the Australian legal system. It’s also vital to have an attorney who understands these complexities to best guide you through this difficult time. There are stringent rules for people charged with drug crimes for all but one state in Australia. 

These offences can result in hefty fines and even prison time. Hence, it is vital to work with experienced Sydney drug lawyers who understand how best to protect your rights and interests under Australian law.

Drug Charges in Australia are Serious

There are many different types of drug offences under Australian law. Some carry mandatory minimums, meaning that if you are found guilty, you will face a predetermined term of imprisonment regardless of mitigating factors like mental health or addiction issues that might have influenced your behaviour. This is particularly true for Schedule I and II drug offences under the National Classification System.

The Court Will Assess Your Behavior and Intent

Upon your arrest, you will need to attend a court date in which an assessment will be made of your level of guilt and drug addiction’s influence upon it. 

This will include an evaluation by a judge and jury and counsellors who work with drug addicts and who will testify on your behalf, if appropriate. If you are deemed addicted to drugs or alcohol, then the incarceration sentence may be diverted into drug rehabilitation programs instead of imprisonment.

Punishment is Often Stiffer for Sellers

Drug offences are also categorised depending upon whether you are being accused of selling or trafficking. There are stiffer punishments in the latter case, including mandatory minimums that are imposed upon conviction. 

For this reason, it’s essential to approach Sydney drug lawyers who understand how best to defend you against these types of cases and how to best represent your case.

Sentencing is Rigidly Defined by Statute

The penalties for drug offences in Australia are incredibly high if the motive was to sell or profit from the distribution of substances that were deemed illegal. 

The penalty includes mandatory minimum prison sentences that the accused must serve upon conviction regardless of mitigating factors like mental health or addiction issues.

Your Reputation and Future Are at Stake

The future of your career and reputation can be jeopardised when you are charged with a drug offence. So, it’s important to have an experienced Sydney drug lawyer fighting for you. 

It’s vital to hire a drug lawyer who knows about all the laws and regulations, and can use their experience and contacts to get you a reduced sentence, in the event that an acquittal is not possible.

A Drug Charge Can Result in Loss of Your Driver’s License

A drug charge can also impact your ability to drive, mainly if the offence occurred while you were driving. Also, if you are convicted of a second-time offence, your driving license may be suspended for several months or even years. 

It’s vital to protect your rights and interests when you are facing a drug charge in Australia. The loss of license, imprisonment, or other penalties can cause significant disruptions in your life, and make it difficult for you to bounce back. So, if you’re dealing with drug charges in Sydney, your first step must be hiring an experienced attorney. 

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