Worth the Weight – Perfecting the Art of the Kettlebell Workout


Despite the pure simplicity of the kettlebell, it manages to provide many workout routines for various muscles groups and the benefits are countless. Believe it or not, one can actually perform a full body workout with just one kettlebell, which we have outlined below.

The Swing

The Russian-Style Kettlebell Swing is an exercise that involves holding a kettlebell with both hands and swinging it to shoulder height and back down again and is known to be one of the most effective exercises with a kettlebell set. This exercise is popular because of its two-for-one benefit; referring to the combination of both strength training and cardiovascular conditioning all in one efficient movement.

This simple movement incorporates everything from hip power to hip hinging and breathing techniques, clearly showing why it cannot be overlooked. To get the most out of the Russian-style exercise it is wise to perform this exercise first when you have the most energy due to the physical demand associated with the intense movement.

The Get-Up

The get-up or the Turkish get-up is a low-intensity exercise that involves the most basic of movements. To perform the Turkish get-up you must start by lying on the floor, before then standing up with the kettlebell held in one hand all before laying back down again. Once attempting this exercise, try it with a little fluidity and over time you will feel the benefits of strength and mobility in your upper-body. If you’re looking for an exercise to make your body bulletproof, this is it!

The Goblet Squat

Squatting is one of the most fundamental exercises and with the capability of many variations this exercise can be utilised to increase strength, mobility and stability. The ‘Goblet Squat’ is a type of squat that involves holding a kettlebell with both hands and performing a normal squat.

It sounds simple and easy, yet manages to be one of the most effective kettlebell exercises because of the countless benefit associated with quadriceps and hamstring development. One major plus about this exercise is that is can be learned quickly and immediately applied to your training to warrant results.

The Strict Press

The Strict or Kettlebell Press is another exceptional movement to learn and primarily involves shoulder mobility and stability. Despite initially appearing like an overhead press, the strict press incorporates the entire body for maximum pressing power and strength.

You will find many individuals performing this exercise with a dumbbell, but due to the unique shape of the kettlebell, it allows you to press in a natural upwards motion that is healthy for the movement of your shoulder joint. This exercise will assist in shoulder mobility, strength and stability meaning it will also allow you to perform additional upper-body kettlebell movements more efficiently.

The Clean

Like the kettlebell swing, ‘The Clean’ is another explosive exercise that has a great effect on body-strength and conditioning. The difference, however, involves the kettlebell finishing in the rack position meaning the utilisation of your forearm will come into play when swinging the kettlebell back inwards into your shoulder. The Clean can take time to learn with proper form, however, once perfected it can prove a powerful exercise with countless benefits across the upper-body.

As you can see, the kettlebell is massively beneficial and provides an enterprise of routines to perform with various muscle groups. Incorporating all of the above exercises into a workout routine offers a great, well-rounded upper-body workout.

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